Monday, October 08, 2007

dah nak raye dah!

it's here!it's here!

raya is just around the corner!and i'm having the mixture of feelings now.i dont know wether i'm excited or sad for this.haha.

fasting in egypt is fun.we have to sahur very early in the morning.subuh is at approx. 4.30am,then we go back to sleep till 8.attend classes and go back home paling lewat at 4pm,and breakfast is at 5.30pm.with the cold weather,and people inviting us to iftar(break fast) at their house.and the programs that has been set to us,such as,tadarus and qiam every week.things that i rarely do back in malaysia.

the last few days of the fasting month is quite tiring for me.i had a fever and flu and other problems pressured me.but i survived!i didnt call mak for a week now.i just sms kak ngah and skyped with the way,kak ngah is now at home with mak and's irritating when everytime she sms me telling me how delicious mak cooked that day.oh tidakk!!

i'm going to celebrate my raya in malaysian hall,cairo.i will leave tomorrow to we would not cook rendang or ketupat that day.i will make sure my phone's credit is enough for me to call mak.dont know wether or not i'm going to cry nanti.we'll see about that!haha.

me and my housemate will shop for some raya shoes and bags today!hurray!hehe.this year's raya will be my first raya without dad and i'm going to celebrate it alone.i miss my dad so to arwah ayah.

to the readers,eid mubarak!selamat hari raya aidilfitri!maaf zahir & batin!berhati2 ketika pulang ke kampung!ceria2 selalu!for those who are having finals after raya,good luck to you!!best wishes from hannah sahimi!

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selamat hari raya everybody!

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