Thursday, October 25, 2007

mak, i miss home.

i went through a tough week.i feel like screaming but didn't.i feel like wanna fly back.i really really want to fly back.i miss home,i miss mak,i miss luqman,i miss my kerepek friends,my yu hua friends,my KMM friends.i miss everybody.

i dont feel like people appreciate my work.i helped!i've waited!i did everything for them!why cant they wait for me?why cant they help me?i dont understand.

i cried alot.mate bengkak2.but nobody cares.except for my housemates.i think that's the only wise decision i've made.choosing housemates.although they've made u effing angry,geram like fcuking shit,they still there for you.i love my housemates.

patut ke a friend that you share food with,study together with,and joke around together with,did this fucking non-logical action to you?i dont understand why they treat me like this.

fine ar,korg mmg pandai..korg je yang pandai..ckp senang la..tak sendiri rase!senang la mintak maaf,tak kena kat batang hidung sendiri.i'm sorry,but i need time to relax,time to think.

i just feel like writing.kalau x faham,dont's just a luahan perasaan.

mak,i miss home.mak,i wanna go home..


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