Wednesday, November 07, 2007


i went through another tough week..
my laptop broke down..virus ni naughty la...have to wait till saturday..currently using housemates' laptop.i have 6 of,lucky me!haha.

i have loads of assingments to be done,loads of tests are waiting,and loads of oral tests to answer..huhu..

i kept thinking of arwah dad this made me feel empty.i called mak,but engaged.oh sedihnye!!!!!

juga,kept thinking of rakan2 back at home.oh rindu!!!homesick gile2 la!

but then,i received mak's parcels today!it brighten up my day today!kalau tak,memang bad mood whole day la..huhu...LOVE U MAK!THANKS!huhu..

ok.i'm using people's,agak2 la kalau nak gune pon kan?tak boleh la nak 24 7 in front of it right?huhu...i hope my laptop will be fine..(praying hard!!!)..

the blog will be updated again next week!!!...(kot?)huhu..till then,study hard,friends!!!rindu korang!!!love u all!!

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