Thursday, November 29, 2007

i want to bebel.

i finished my KAMI dont ever think that living abroad means you're katak di bawah tempurung for whatever happened back home.we have internet,for god sake!we read the newspaper,we watch tv3,and gossip via internet.that is why i know that KAMI and HUJAN is now very popular and my roomate and i are know crazy about hujan that we introduced it to our friends till they get annoyed with it.haha.

lagi seorang went back to Malaysia for good.he is my former classmate back in UKM.he cant adapt himself living in egypt.kesian,tak tabah.maybe his rezeki is better there.BERTUAHNYE!!!

nothing much happened to me this week.

most of the students' parents are coming here to visit them this winter break(january) and those whose parents are not coming,will flying back home.and i'll be alone.haha.'bagusnyeeee'..ah,bencila orang banyak duit ni.they can come here,see their children and go back home or they can pay for their children's ticket to fly home and come back here again.macam mesir ni dekat je kan?macam naik bus balik kampung,and naik bus balik asrama balik.orang byk duit..boleh laaa..three thousand ringgit is like ten ringgit je..

rich people treat their children as silk.they have to take care of the silk very delicately.And then their children will become so spoiled and will cry everytime they couldnt reach their family.and i dont think that there's anything to cry for since they call their parents like almost everyday.and you're blaming me for the reason you could not reach them?HELLO???i rarely call my mum !i heard her voice only twice since i'm here!but ade ke aku nangis hentak2 kaki hilang mood and start to marah2 everybody?

yea.i admit it.i'll get jealous of seeing people with loads of money,i hate being moneyless.SO SUE ME!!

people,cant you just be yourself?dont fake around,please!i dont think i have to beg for you to do so.dont complaint much about are lucky enough being rich,with good looks,with brains who people are dying to have,what is more that you want?i know you are complaining to me to show me that you are perfect,with your so-called loving family,you are the modest people ever,with great figure whatsoever.I KNOW YOU WANT TO SHOW OFF!i know you want me to feel how poor i am.ah,go to hell with your talks.i dont want to hear it anymore.please GO!!

this is a short post.i know.but here is the only place where i can throw my anger,disgust or anything related to it.

thanks to those who willing to listen to my displeasure.i miss korang like sooo much!and i miss the kerepek friends where we had conference like almost everynight and they will make me laugh everytime i got frustrated and i will forget about everything on the same day and i wouldnt have to blog to bebel or complaint or whatever you call it.i miss my old-full of happy stories-less complaints blog.

now,i feel a lot more lega.

ye.bahase aku what?at least i have the guts to write!boo you!

PUAS DOH!!!!!!!!!

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