Monday, November 12, 2007

laptop saya sihat.

got my laptop back!!
tapi files semua hilang..
OMG all the pictures that i took!
ni yang sedih ni!!!
but what to do..redha je la..
it's true when people say living in egypt means living with these three words in jawi..
after more than 2 months living here,i went through a lot of dugaans,met a lot people,some are nice,some look us like some sort of made me feel like i've grown up.n i m more independent(ye ke?)than before.haha.

it's winter's getting colder and colder day by day.the winter season peak is going to be in january.therefore,i must buy loads of winter stuff to be ready for it.WATCH OUT WINTER!!haha.this means,i have to withdraw fulus again.hadoih.penat fikir pasal duit.

oh gosh,i'm late!i have to go to maktabah zen to buy notes!(i dont understand a thing in lecture but i have to buy notes from this 1 shop to sendiri through notes.haiz..)baik belajar kat least i understand what the lecturer apekah ini..think posiive hannah!!!tak rugi!tak rugi!!!huhu...
till then,chow!

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