Tuesday, November 27, 2007

hari kacak saye.


dalam bus!

we went to cairo 2 days back.the rombongan with 6 buses arrived at cairo approximately at 12.recited our zohor n asar jama' prayer.kak zaiti took me to 'asyir where all the rumah selangor,rumah pahang,rumah terengganu and some other rumah negeris were built.settled some problems there and had our lunch,and off back to malaysian hall,cairo to attend the program bersama pegawai di jabatan perdana menteri and timbalan menteri pendidikan.some questions that we've been questioning were answered and we were statisfied....kot...

with chubby and aisyah during the program at malaysian hall

abg jad took me and kak hanis jalan2 again..he treat us malaysian food at restoran kelantan 2,'asyir.the food are quite pricy.thanks abg jad!i had nasi mutiara..i never tasted nasi mutiara before..jauuuhhh betul laa nak merasa nasi mutiara..huhu

yesterday,went to cairo international convention center to meet the PM.his speech were about pendidikan,pembangunan negara islam,etc etc..paklah is so funny you know?haha.we took a picture with dato' mustapha mohamad,the menteri pengajian tinggi!haha..jakun betul.huhu..the cicc is soooo cantek!!!!it doesnt look like egypt at all sebab die sangatla lawa and sangat la BERSIH!!!haha..sesiape yang balik malam kelmarin memang sorry to say totally rugi la..huhu..it was the first time that i took a cab at cairo(susah worr amek cab kat cairo,mansoura senang la)..and it was the first time that i got sesat at cairo.and lucky me,the day i followed kak zati,i remembered the jalan,and the pakcik indon tunjukkan jalan yang benar,and we arrived safely at arma.memang pengalaman la!huhu.

the prove that i've been there

PM is in the middle.sgt kecik la gambar ni..and tak terang..=(

a journey back to mansoura!
we wanted to come home earlier than others,we were scheduled to come back tonight,but thinking that i have embryology test to face,and i didnt even touch the book yet,and my medic housemate said that it's been too long since she last touch the book,so we decided to come home last night and it was my first time to travel back sendiri,balik kampung pon tak pernah balik sendiri ok?haha..mcm nak nangis pon ade because we couldnt find any tremko to mansoura,they said usually,there will be a lot of people in ramsis(mcm puduraya)screaming 'mansoura!mansoura!' but it didnt happen last night,so we decided to come home with bus.aha..sedih..tapi,pengalaman.and it is a lot more selesa than tremko la..but the pak arabs were talking non-stop with high pitched voice that's disturbing our sleep.and we were safely arrived at 10 pm.aha..pengalaman betul la 2 hari itu!i love it.and abg jad,looked extra kacak yesterday,he wore formal attire with new blazer and new haircut.huhu..

took a picture with dato' mustapha mohamad

egypt's flag

till then,see you!
and what paklah said during the penutup..
bunga selasih tangkainya layu,
terima kasih thank you.

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