Saturday, November 24, 2007

emotionally distracted.

i am so sick of this.not studying,but this feeling.i can study here.i am so sure that i can.but i am so sick of the feelings where you are mad at someone but you can't tegur him/her for the reason you might hurt his/her feeling,then you've become so geram at them and it spoiled your mood for the entire day and it distracted your concentration of studying.and your day end up with you who didnt touch the book at is still ok if your schedule doesnt congested with tests and assignments,but no,i cant stand it.lagi2 when it gets to the point where people dont bother about us,the dentistry students.where we,dont have anyone to do everything for us,not like medic students who are so free and still's like what a friend of mine said :oh,penat korg je korg pikir?penat kitorg korg tak pikir?.i've been keeping this for too long till at 1 point,dah malas dah nak cerite,nak mengadu.they still dont understand it.they can be statisfied,boleh cakap la weih,korang punye lectures are all in english,your lecture hall are packed with malaysians,boleh la senang hati!

Egyptians are have to look charm and pretty to get full mark from your dont have to be looking clever,understands everything he teached(it's hard u know to understand his english??and he said that he's english is mumtaz.what the fish la weih??)i'm the one who gets low mark,and those who he thinks pretty get full mark.'bengong,kau memang tak boleh mengajar la!bias!dah la muke gatal nak mampos!'and they say it's because of attendancy but HELLO??i only absent for 1 day!and that girl(and she's pretty) also absent on the same day!so why she can get full mark and i didnt?plus,she copied my work!and i always complete my work on time!what the fish?????and those pretty faces are so proud of getting full marks.hish benci.

i didnt have the mood all day.i could find it anywhere.mood,where are you?i am so lost without you!i am not me without you!i cant study,i cant concentrate,i cant do anything without you!i just can watch KAMI and buy nonsence stuff when you're gone.mak,hannah nak balik.. =(

Off to cairo tomorrow to meet pegawai dijabatan pengajian tinggi!will spend the night there and will insyaAllah meet the prime minister the next day.after coming back have to struggle to study what i've left,especially EMBRYOLOGY!embryology test is wednesday!!!OMG!

luahan hati hannah sahimi.


Arnold said...

honestly speaking.....saya suka cara awak express apa yg terbuku dihati ke dlm blog.....sekuarang2 nya saya dpt info yg pak arab ni bias....

Arnold said...

luahkan....jgn pendam.....seronok saya baca luahan isi hati awak.......keep it up!