Monday, November 19, 2007

it's cold outside.

egypt's kfc:can't beat the taste
dentistry girls!!
the temperature outside at this moment is 12 degree centegrate.sejuk.aha.winter is knocking the door!kejap lagi die masuk!!oh tidak!!

kisah laptop was with syazuwan for about a week.he did some computer thingy to it.he upgraded my laptop and he even made me a test,study!!haha..terasa comel la pulak kan?haha.wahai laptop,jangan buat hal lagi k?hehe.

abang jad is in mansoura for 3 weeks!!yeye!our abang is here to look after us for gmn! we're taking this chance to use him to deal with the pak arabs.we took him everywhere we could so it would not be a waste if he is here and we didnt spend much time with him.haha.and he passed his exam succesfully!congrats abg jad!this means that he will go back to malaysia for good next year..huhu..sedih..=(
balik dari kelas.
meet nil,the owner of juharah
meet abg jad.this is when we walked for 30 minutes to have our dinner.

one of us is flying back today.he's going to further his studies in uitm in microbiology.seronoknye balik malaysia!i miss my country!my hot country!

i bought baju again!haha..i bought winter stuff,heater etc.i wasted so much money for it.huhu..sorry mak..i have to make a date with the automatic treller machine again la this month..sorry mak!

that was some updates about me..

now,about a special friend of mine..

Nik Nur Sinar Suria.a friend that i met back in 2006 with zaty and atheera,the lucky people who had a date with the DJ,DJ rizal.the exact date was 17 january first impression of her is that wahh!!budak ni high maintenance la!!but it turned out to be that she's a good friend to share secrets and stories with.kami banyak persamaan!!!Although we didnt hang alot,a technology named internet connected us and made our friendship bond stronger.i still remember the days we spent in bilik bual,the kacak,tabah and wangi nights we spend merepek kerepeking,the day we dedicated songs from,the days we met in kolej matrikulasi melaka,the days we spent mengumpat about our surroundings.niksu,kacak la dapat kawan macam kamu!!!now,perhubungan menjadi semakin jauh(dgn saya yang berada di egypt ini).and we are now leading a totally different path.dah takde dah biology,fizik,kimia,est.she has her acturial science and i have my dentistry.but we still can get along!i hope that this friendship will never end.sampai kahwin,jadi mak orang,jadi orang pencen,jadi nenek orang,harap2 kita masih berkawan.HAPPY 18TH BIRTHDAY,NIKSU!saya sayang kamu!

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