Sunday, July 17, 2011

the new addition in the family

meet Tasneem, the new addition in the family.
Alhamdulillah, all thanks to Him, dated 11th July 2011, Tasneem was born. :)
Tasneem is my sister's daughter, so that makes me an official Aunt or as they say, mak lang, mak for mother or aunty, and lang for being the third children in the family, so mak lang = the third auntie. but mak insisted her to call me khala (auntie in arabic)

my feelings? excited of course! she's my first niece! hehe. i hope that i will pass this year successfully and i can go back home and meet Tasneem, si kecil!

some pictures the family sent to me or posted in the facebook. :)

what a peaceful sleep you're having there, Tasneem, mak lang haven't sleep that peaceful for quite a while now. welcome to the world, si kecil. wait for mak lang to come home and we'll meet insyaAllah :)

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

accept differences

i like tomyam, and not everyone like tomyam, maybe you prefer curry instead of tomyam. but tomyam and curry are both Malaysian foods. i never get emotional when i heard someone else doesn't like tomyam. and i just eat curry if my housemates cooked curry. without argue.

i like dentistry. i talk about dentistry since forever. i get angry when people say, ' dentistry, it's an easy course. or dentistry, not a critical course'. you like engineering. your ambition in becoming an engineer has grown into you since you could ever remember. you get angry when people say, 'engineering, too many people, hard to get job once you graduate.' but we are still friends aren't we? we appreciate others opinion.

so why when politics come into a discussion, we got angry with those who didn't share the same opinion as we do, and become enemies?

i respect and my salute goes to those who are aware of their country's politics , either you're with the government, or against them. it shows how intellectual you are, rather than those who are so ignorance, and would prefer hang out at the mamak or update with the celebrities gossips and think that the world revolves around them.

i live in Egypt, the country who recently fight for a revolution.i witnessed how the country changed. i befriend with the Egyptians, so maybe my political opinion for my country is from the influence of the country i live in.
you, on the other hand, may be live in the US, and when it comes to your country's politics, your political opinion may differ than mine, by the influence of the country you live in.

it's sad to see how best friends became just friends, when sisters ignoring each other, when couples fight, and when the person you have faith in getting together, crush your heart that instant due to different political opinion.

my advice is, don't get too emotional or too personal when it comes to things like this. the internet, i must say is a very informative yet dangerous place. think wise people, that's all i can say.

do you think we like it when our Egyptian friends ask us is Malaysia becoming like Egypt? we don't. many Egyptians respect Malaysia to be a very peaceful democratic Islamic country and their hopes of their country to be like ours. seeing chaos like this doesn't help. really.

my stand in the current political chaos? i shall not tell. everyone has their own way of thinking, respect everyone's opinion and let's just leave it that way. we are only human, afterall. :)