Sunday, July 17, 2011

the new addition in the family

meet Tasneem, the new addition in the family.
Alhamdulillah, all thanks to Him, dated 11th July 2011, Tasneem was born. :)
Tasneem is my sister's daughter, so that makes me an official Aunt or as they say, mak lang, mak for mother or aunty, and lang for being the third children in the family, so mak lang = the third auntie. but mak insisted her to call me khala (auntie in arabic)

my feelings? excited of course! she's my first niece! hehe. i hope that i will pass this year successfully and i can go back home and meet Tasneem, si kecil!

some pictures the family sent to me or posted in the facebook. :)

what a peaceful sleep you're having there, Tasneem, mak lang haven't sleep that peaceful for quite a while now. welcome to the world, si kecil. wait for mak lang to come home and we'll meet insyaAllah :)


aat @ paat said...

masya-Allah~ how cute...
akak da jd mak cik da ye.. hehe..

hannahsahimi said...

yup. dah pangkat makcik dah.tua dah rasanya. thanks paat! ;)