Sunday, May 27, 2007

pening suda..

oh oh!!cant decide which week to leave KMM!this week?or next week?OMG i'm starting to love KMM.memang macam tu kan?bila ada depan mata,tak suka la..penat la..then,when u're leaving,sayangnye kat KMM!KMM dihatiku!OMG OMG..akan merindui!which week?which week???

if i leave this week,it would be too soon.if i leave next week,it would be too late!if i leave this week,i will only learn 1 chapter and did approx 2 experiments.if i leave next week,i will learn a lot!but if i leave next week,i didnt have quality time to spend with kak ngah.coz,she'll be flying back to kuching on next next sunday.adoi!!!pening suda!!


damnit la!i need the decision now!!!




oh..mak is making chicken rice..


ok..have to go now.chicken rice is waiting!

Saturday, May 26, 2007



Dear sir,

We are pleased to inform that your application for admission to Faculty of Dentistry,Mansoura University has been accepted pending satisfaction of all requirements of the Faculty Admission Department.


We would like to congratulate you for being accepted in our Faculty Program.

yeye dah dapat offer letter!YEYE DAH DPT OFFER LETTER!yeye dah dpt offer letter!

just got back from the was quite fun.there are 129 more students who will fly to egypt with me.and they were ok kot.didnt talk to any of them pon.tapi mcm best la diorg.(orang depan saya rupa mcm kaer!haha..)muka semua mcm best je kan..haha..

i have to attend kursus bahasa arab in ukm starting 11 june for two and a half months .so,i have to leave KMM early la.probably next week or next two weeks.adoi terasa sedih la pulak.huhu..not really sure wether or not i have to stay there(ukm) or ulang-alik from home.hopefully dpt ulang alik la kan..haha..

they showed us the pictures that they took from mansoura.mcm sgt best.lawa la tempat tu.they've explained to us that we will live in an apartment and there will be the agent and security so mcm safe la kan..haha..

in conclusion,i'm effingly eager wanna go to egypt to study dentistry!haha..dah tekad dah ni..terpaksa tekad ni..insyaAllah boleh!alhamdulillah.

btw,budak mcm kaer tu birthday die 31 august..kaer 30 august!haha kebetulan sungguh

Friday, May 25, 2007

2nd week.

tough week.
i had a fever on tuesday till thursday.but i still went to my kuliahs,practicals and tutorials.gile la tabah!!hahaha.the real colour of matriculation is that you have to be punctual all the have to rush here and there to be in one class in one have to catch up everything and be awake whenever the lecturer's teaching because he/she will go extremely fast to finish 1,i dont really like it la.and i currently eagerly waiting for my egypt's surat tawaran so that i can leave matrik for good cause i hate it when they said IT'S A MUST FOR YOU TO PARTICIPATE IN KO-KURIKULUM.and i hate rules yang extremely ketat2.kate kolej?apsal mcm skolah?ni yang tak suka gile2 ni!bikin tension je.and those PCs in HEP(i've only used PCs in HEP la..others tak try lagi..)rosak2,lag lagi. -__-"
then,rakan2 yang satu kepala pon dah keluar..including those who has been selected to mara and those who leaving for ipta.alahai lagi la sedih!bile surat nak datang ni??nevermind,kite tgk plak minggu depan best tak..

i have to attend a talk about the egypt thingy tomorrow.aha excited!boleh kenal2 orang2 sebelum fly!!best!i hope there will be no strict rules la kan..especially on wajib menyertai ko-kurikulum thingy.jangan la ade plz..hehe..

will be back again kot next week?nak amek kad atm.hehe.i hope mak will change her mind and will fetch me home.if not,i will try my best to tumpang anybody.hehehe..hamz kan ada?tak pon kita naik bus!aha,excited!hehehe.yang penting,saya nak balik!!nak balik jugak!!

ok la guys,i have loads of homeworks and loads and loads of revisions to be done,so,i will stop here.goodbye for now.

Sunday, May 20, 2007


remember i told u in my previous post that i'll burn the midnight oil?hanya tinggal kata2..haha..i've been sleeping the whole day!balik,tidur.petang,tidur.malam mase konsert akhir af pon tidur.GOD knows how sleepy was i yesterday.tgk tv pon tersengguk2 n mengaku kalah n went to sleep approximately at 10.30 yeah,i didnt watch af final concert.pagi bangun terus terkocoh2 tanya orang who won the car.oh,congrats to mila and ebi.i dont think aswad deserve the third place though.i didnt like him since the beginning.i prefer candy.hoi,dont spam my blog for saying this,k??haha.

so,i didnt study at all.gile semangat went to hani's house to borrow some addmaths and kimia books tapi bukaknye tidak!haha.we'll see how my otak berkarat will operate on the test day.maybe will start bukak buku kat bilik kot?haha.

dah la kat rumah sekarang ramai gile orang.cik andak's family and cik de's family spent the night here last night.havoc gile rumah!best!oh oh!thery're cooking speggethi now.ini yg best duduk asrama ni!balik rumah mesti mak masak yg best2...hehe..

disebabkan ketidakselesaan,i will bring two pillows,1 bear,1 ridsect and some maggi mees to malacca today.gile cafe punye makanan banyak lalat takut nk makan.i prefer cafe c.the food there are much better.byk choices and tak banyak lalat.but it's near to the boys',agak segan nak pergi.haritu pon pergi dengan kakak fasi,makan maggi je la this week.haha.jumaat kena pulang!yeay!

ingat nak bawak mirror besar gedabak tu pergi.kak ngah said she brought that mirror into her room when she were in KMM.(kak ngah pon kmm ok??kak yong pon dulu dpt kmm tapi tak pergi.kami keluarga kmm kot?tgk luqman nnt mesti dpt kmm gak kan?haha)but not so sure lagi.will think about it later.bawak je la kot.hehe.

ayaiyaiyaiyai.lagi 4 more hours i have to leave home malacca lagi.alahai.malasnye..kena terus check where my class will be.kena check jadual.then kena study!damnit la.cis!cis!

so,i think i will go to H.E.P as often as possible for H.E.P is near to my cluster and tak ramai sgt orang.mungkin pergi mase free time lepas kelas.kalau takde tu..takde la kan..connection die pon macam bangang kan..tapi tak kesah la kan.haha.merepek.

sms.OH.sekarang ni mmg akan reply msg2 anda.tapi kalau dah pokai esok,message tak reply tu harap maklum bahawasanya hannah sahimi sudah habis credit dan menunggu tarikh luput baru nak topup kembali.hehe.ok la till then,see you when i see you.kalau boleh,cepat la.kalau tak,i'll blog again next friday.goodbye for now.

hannah sahimi.
Kolej Matrikulasi Melaka (KMM).

Saturday, May 19, 2007

hey londang!

matrik melaka gempak,mantap!
boom boom shakalaka..
boom boom uih!!

hey!hey people!!i'm home!!i'm back from matriculation for 2 get mom's and kak ina's signature.AND to study addmaths and week test!!OMG OMG malasnye nak buka buku!!!!

the days i had in orientation week.totally memenatkan!i slept for only 2 hours for 5 straight days la damnit!mate bengkak suda!jerawat timbul satu suda!cis!cis!cis!

i met niksu there.sadly,niksu and i are not in the same cluster. jauh wo nak dptkan niksu!ayaiyai belt tak pulangkan lagi!hehehe..

i'm the new wakil wing B in my blok.haha.i still couldnt believe that they chose me!haha..i have to knock everybody's room and call them to gather in one room to recite the al-mulk.hehe..

we had majlis penutupan minggu pengurusan pelajar yesterday.and i was pengiring pengarah.hehehe..we held the bunga emas and bunga manggar and accompany our pengarah into the hall.hehehe..pakai kebaya woo!tak ramai dpt peluang ni!dah la hulubalang2 kat depan mcm body guard kitorg tu hot2!!best!

oriention week.girls and boys were seperated.kaum2 pon seperated.mcm tak syok la.but i still had fun.tapi kadang2 menjelikkan la tell u the truth,i didnt expect malays are so complicated!they have groups and some sort.tak paham la juge.and,i dont understand y some malays macam jijik je other kaums.i mean,perkauman gile!i hate orang2 perkauman ni.mcm la mereka ni jijik gile?argh benci!benci!

i met neesa and farhana!!OMG farhana!my khemah kerja setia selangor 2005's friend!mmg mcm lega gile i met her!OH MY GOD!hehe.i met some bangi bangers also la.tapi mcm tak reti mcm mane nak rapat.haha.

my roomates.all three of them are from asrama.but we hanged alot and got closer.we were the noisiest room in the whole A5 blok!hahaha..kacak!!

what else eh?oh,i have to come back lagi next week.i have to attend a talk about egypt on saturday.and i have to take my bsn atm card at bangi.whee~..balik lagi!!

we will start studying on monday.alahai lemah sudah.dah la takde kawan in the same kumpulan prektikum!adoi letih.

oh oh..have to burn the midnight oil tonight to study addmaths and kimia.adoi.wish me luck!till then,goodbye for now.


Sunday, May 13, 2007


i'm fully packed and now so nervous about u all know,i'm going to malacca's matriculation tomorrow.i will leave home at 11 and will arrive there approximately at 1 pm.i kept thinking of WHAT IFs but i will try to face any possibilities.

i still have some small things that i forgot to buy like pendrive,charger,alarm clock,ridsect and so on.Luckily niksu reminded,i'm going to buy them all before i go tomorrow.hopefully i will take everything that's important tomorrow.

last words..
again,i want to apologize to my readers.kalau ada la..haha..if i wrote things that might hurt your feelings.

to my kerepek conference friends,niksu,amelin,haziq,mahfuz,najmi,ab,uzair,eira n atari thanks for teman-ing me all night.every night for almost 2 months.i will never forget the merepek stuff we talked about.the weird words that we used such as kacak,wangi,kencang,tabah,kemas,bunga,chaplin,pasir n hebat.everyone has his/her own trademark.boleh masuk af6 la kita!haha.and saya sgt2 sorry kalau korg terguris hati atas perkataan2 yg gile tak bleh bla saya.harap dimaafkan.thanks for korang punya nasihat2..i will remember them and use them secara betul.and,cikguku!thanks for the driving skill tips.thanks for the reminders.thanks for teaching me bahasa melayu pasar.haha.maput,thanks for the jalan2 kat melaka tips,thanks for duduk asrama tips,thanks for remind me to bring sabun liquid and not sabun buku instead!haha.ab,thanks for the song!sgt2 appreciate it!i'm now officially ab's songs collecter!haha..korg,let's jumpa before i fly to egypt.i'll treat u all satay.haha.

to my xfreshers,abg rizal,kak faraa,abg adi,kak julia,abg bulu,zirah,neesa,gigiadercili,aileen,caduk and everybody else.thanks for the free time we merepek together in bilik bual.i'm soooo going to miss that bilik bual.we shared alot there.n my name always on-aired when i chat in bilik bual.thanks to abg rizal for promoting me.haha. neesa,sgt2 terima kasih sbb kenalkan hannah kepada kawan2 neesa.eventhough i always sesat in the conference but i still had so much fun.kirim salam kepada mereka.has,imi,bie,alia,nizam,sufi and some sort.agak segan borak ngan mereka.semua result gempak2.hopefully korang berjaya.

to syahiran,thanks for being so sweet.kadang2 merepek.kadang2 penuh nasihat.i love to pick a fight with sorry for that.i'm extremely sorry for calling u debu.itu sgt special k?haha.and thanks for telling me not to derhaka kepada ibu.and other advices that really made me sedar and made me cry.u're a good man.i hope u'll be succesful.

to my msn buddies,make sure u miss me!haha.sorry for leaving everybody.i felt guilty doing so.but i have to!to chase my dream of becoming a dentist.i enter matriculation to be safe in case benda buruk berlaku to my egypt thing.hope to see everybody real soon.make a gathering that suits my time and for sure this time i'll be there!

to bloggers,ab,syukri,amelin,eira,post la banyak2..i'll take my time to catch up everything that korang post.haha.sunyilah kamu semua tanpa niksu dan saya.i'll try to go to the comp lab as often as i could k?

mak,happy mothers day.kak lang tahu mak tak suka celebrate mothers day.tapi mak adalah mak yg terhebat di dunia.tabah menempuhi segala dugaan tanpa ayah di sisi.kak lang minta maaf banyak2 sbb sakitkan hati mak.i'm a bad daughter,i admit it.but i love you mak!i really2 do.u're the best mak ever!luqman,jaga mak.buat homework.baca buku!pass kan bahasa cina!kalau kak lang boleh buat,luqman pon boleh!tgk f1 slalu.fernando alonso dpt no brape inform selalu!kak yong,thanks for the advices.i will remember to 'jangan carik gadoh dgn orang lain.' and 'blaja betul2.susah tu!'.cepat balik bawak chocolate hannah!haha.kak ngah,thanks for the tips.thanks for helping me up by picking the baju kurungs and remind me to buy this and that.i hope it will make my life in matriculation much easier.sayang korang banyak!

hani,setelah 14 tahun berkawan dan tak pernah berpisah.kini,terpaksela aku ke melaka.sayangnye kau tak pergi.dah plan dah nk bilik sama.huhu.tapi aku tetap harapkan kau berjaya dpt rayuan upu tu.u're my longest nad besterest friend ever!thanks for accompany me to mid valley and meet my friends.thanks for accompany me to kajang for our hari ketenangan.memories tu!!ingat!dan forst time buat muffin bersama.jangan lupa!OMG bila la lagi nk buat mcm tu sama2 dah?take care hani.kalau dia buli kau aku hempukkan.

kepada yang lain2.sorry tak mention ur names.tak cukup masa.thanks for being my friends.i really appreciate everything.thank you.

therefore,i hereby to inform everybody that my longest vacation has come to an post will be about the days i had as a college student.till then.farewell!goodluck everybody!

izinkan ku pergi..

Saturday, May 12, 2007


i've 90% packed and ready to go!i went to warta (-____-") with mum today and we almost bought everything dah.tinggal sikit² je dah.i still have..erm..detergen,sabun and barang2 dapur to buy.argh.tension je guna duit sendiri!damnit.

bat told me that he wanted to come to my house to greet me farewell.but he didnt come pon.cis la bat ni.bazooka!but syaf,ean,nadia,iffah and syazwan made a surprise visit.and i was so touched by that.dan emosi menjelma.gaha.kodi.

kak yong called from ireland.she told me to behave and dont pick up a fight with anybody.she told me to find her if anything happens.gaha kasih sayang seorang kakak baru muncul.hahaha.sedih la plak.

so..i guess this is my 2nd last post and probably my last post if i dont feel like wanna post anything je la.i hope i can post something tomorrow.i wanted to say goodbye pada masa yang no sedih2 should be done tomorrow.i dont wanna spoil it.haha.till then!

oh SHAWAL!!damnit.

Friday, May 11, 2007

belum pack.

oh.I HAVENT PACK MY BAGS YET!!!dont feel like packing though.damnit.

my excitation of going to matriculation lasted for only one day.i received 1 bad news.REALLY BAD news.and,hani dont want to go to matriculation la pulak..damnit i dont have any friends there!except niksu,of course.takde mood dah nak pergi.cis la..

i had a good day today.winshen n seeling came to my house!i didnt meet them since 12 march!i'll miss them so much!i miss them already!adoi.we hanged like for 3 hours!from 3 pm to 6pm.OMG i miss school!i miss the days we had in school!where we fought and learn new stuff together.i miss everything about school,even the bad ones.i admit it,I MISS SCHOOL!!

I LOVE a bestfriend

i wanted to cry when they told me these..
winshen:'hannah,i have to tell u this,u're my best malay friend.'
seeling:'i can talk to u about everything,i'll miss u.'(in mandarin la)


terharu do!!cis la..i nearly cry.cis la diorg ni.jejak kasih pulak.

i miss them already

they told me that i'm in the list of those who're selected to lower six!fuyoh hebat!and they wanted me to join them to experience form 6 for at least one day.but lower six will start at the same day with matriculation.cis la.

and,someone finally understands me!winshen totally agree with me about kembara is tak kacak.

i went to shop with mum today.we went to nilai 3 to buy some baju kurungs.i have loads of baju kurung now.i bought loads of tudungs as well!and i bought a pink cadar!i love it.and it only cost rm9.90 for 1 set of single bed cadar.dah la lawa!gaha.

i didnt buy anything else coz we didnt have much time we'll shop for bags,daily stuffs and some makanan kering tomorrow.i only have 2 more days left la damnit!cant wait to see how matriculation situation will be but at the same time afraid of having any culture shock.oh well,it's life.takut la pulak!cis la!

Wednesday, May 09, 2007


aku mcm makin happy la kan nak pergi matriks ni.ramai gile la pulak yang pergi KMM!mcm best la pulak..haha..

tapi sayangnye mak cakap laptop takyah bawak.sebab tak brape aku pon macam..ha?tanpa laptop,tanpa internet...mcm mane kehidupanku nnt?fikir² balik mcm seksa la pulak!haha adoi.

tapi ada gak yang pergi matriks sekejap je..diorg kate kalau dpt tawaran diorg bla la.tapi aku tak kesah sgt pasal tu.sebab aku pon bla gak nanti!haha..yang penting ada gak kawan selama beberapa bulan.cukup sudah..

pastu aku teringat la pulak cerite² hantu yang kak ngah cerite dulu.agak menyeramkanlah pulak..histeria plak aku kang!tapi kene kuat iman..insyaAllah takkan diganggu.sebab aku tgk kak ngah ok je.hehe.

walaubagaimanapon,i'll try my best to enjoy myself there!mahu merasai suasana yang penuh dgn orang melayu.tak pernah do rasa macam tu!selama ni dgn omputih ngan cine je.nak jugak experience baru.dgn orang melayu.mcm best la pulak.huhu..

ini aku taip sebab bosan sebab mak aku tak jadi bawak aku gi beli barang²,adoi la bukan nak ckp awal²!boleh aku jumpe orang!ramai la pulak ajak aku kuar!haha.yang penting 'dia' ajak aku kuar!hehehe...i expect mahal punye ok?haha..u kaye i nak candlelight dinner satu!haha.pastu lagi sorg ajak aku tgk wayang la pulak.rakan² lain pon ajak kuar.OH...aku nak bla barulah korg terkedek² ajak aku kuar?pukul kang!haha..tu la dah spoil dah plan aku nak kuar.hish la.adoidoidoi.

so itu je la.bosan do!haha.kejap lagi nak pergi beli kasut la pulak.BM rocks!haha.kodi la hannah sahimi.chow!

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

matriks,here i come.

guys,sadly to inform that i'm going to matriculation next week.the globalmedic agent advised me to just go to the matriculation and they'll get me out from there when i have to go to egypt in august.and mak told me to go for i will make more friends,hani is going also!we will be in the same matriculation and we're in the same phrase!the third phrase!haha.kembar bazooka kacak!

i'm kinda sad leaving home.because it's too early.winshen told me to join him to experience form 6 for just 1 day.but,yu hua's form 6 will start at the same day i enter matriculation!!
-___-" .bazooka!!!!winshen sgt sweet by telling me that he'll miss me when i fly to egypt.he's my bestfriend ok?leaving him is like leaving my brother.mcm nak nangis pon ade!adoi.

i need to meet everybody!my merepek friends:niksu,amelin,haziq,mahfuz,najmi,ab,syukri,ujei,atari,eira.semuanye wangi,kencang,tabah,kemas,bunga,pasir,hebat dan yg penting KACAK belaka.haha.mahu jumpa korang semua!!!mahu!!lepas ni dah tableh merepek dah...aku akan merindui semua itu!!permainan ntah pape la..kedai² merepek.teka² lagu merepek.sape tido paling lewat die tabah la..oh,bile lagi la bleh gile² mcm tu??dah takde peluang dah!!i will remember this like...FOREVER!!jgn erasekan dari mindaku!!!

xfreshers like zati,atheera,zirah,neesa,abg rizal,kak faraa,abg adi,kak julia,abg bulu..oh,bile lagi la boleh chat ngan diorg..bile lagi la bleh jumpe diorg??ah,dah start rindu.

tv and radio!OMG i'm going to miss both!especially when i fly to egypt.jom tgk tv sampai lebam n dgr radio sampai pekak!marii!!

yeah.i'm going to melaka on monday.i've paid everything dah.i did it all on my own ok?my mum didnt coach me or acompany me to anywhere!not like some people who still have to rely on their parents to do everything.even their parents ask me how to do this and that.haha.hannah terbaek!tepok bahuku!haha

i have to buy everything tomorrow..mak told me to buy everything now so that i dont have to buy them again mase nak ke mesir nanti.i was like..ha??reuse??aduhai sedih.korg belikan aku barang2 plz...haha..

so,i hereby seek for your forgiveness if i done anything awful to any of u,readers.dari hujung kaki ke hujung rambut.saya mahu sambung belajar sudah!!wasalam.

Monday, May 07, 2007

should i?

ok so now i'm pening with decisions.

should i go to matriks?

or just leave it?

OMG pening.

i'm like 60% wanna study here.LOCAL!! but everybody kept telling me to go.pening sudah!

batma told me to think and think again.and i did that.but i still didnt know the answer for it.apsal la susah sgt nak decide ni??benci la susah sgt!!

imagine egypt.
padang I CANT DRIVE THERE! mtv and so.kongkong.go out also mcm tak safe.and the people there drive like hell.did i mention padang pasir?yeah.padang pasir.kongkong.have to live in the hostel and cant go out.damn.kongkong.tak free.cis!!!!!!!

Sunday, May 06, 2007

sudah tu sudah.

i accompanied mak to the kubur today.they've completed the batu nisan and looked nice.they've even made new ones for arwah opah!alhamdulillah everything went well.we just have to find some time to tanam some pokoks.probably tomorrow.


she drives dangerously and effingly degil when we told her she went to the wrong road.and SHE LOVEs TO DO THE BREAK EMERGENCILY!putrajaya and syaf cant get along.wont be.NEVER WILL BE!no matter how many times she drive there,she wont remember the road.BERTUAH PUNYE BUDAK!!adoih.

so syaf's so called 'jumpa cikgu' plan was suddenly cancelled for her 'alzheimer' desease that she couldnt remember the road and the house of puan,she decided to go to her makcik's house in putrajaya BUT we couldnt find the house.I'VE TOLD YOU IT'S PRESINT 9,NOT PRESINT 19!!adoila syaf,we went straight to alamanda for a short walk.A REAL SHORT WALK!we were walking and suddenly mak called and ask me to come back home immediately so i can jaga nenek.and i was like..'omg..I JUST GOT HERE!'so i quickly finish up my mc donald and went straight home with akmal as the driver.

kak ngah was home when i reached home and she didnt go anywhere after that!and i was like..OMG AKU PATUT STAY JE TADI!!grrrr...

and surprisingly mak didnt scold me for didnt keep my promise after she got back from fetching luqman from camp.

did i mention that luqman has entered his first ever camp??he was so excited about it but when he got back.he was like...unwell.haha..luqman and his 1st camp.I WILL NEVER FORGET IT.we were so worried! will i survive without luqman?adoi.

Saturday, May 05, 2007


Dukacita dimaklumkan bahawa anda TIDAK BERJAYA
dalam permohonan kemasukan ke IPTA Sesi Akademik 2007/2008

i qualified the minimum qualification ok?kenapa tak dpt???
urgh i hate this.

and i dont understand why some of them yang with the gempak² result didnt get in.kinda...weird.

ya TUHAN,tabahkanlah hambaMu ini supaya dpt mengharungi dugaa²Mu..amiin..

fuyoh(in a sarcastic way) i will fly to mesir to study dentistry!-_____-"
takde care lain ke salain itu?

i dont want to leave my mum and luqman alone!!



oh oh!!!
i read today's newspaper and they said that spm leavers can check their UPU results tomorrow!!OMG OMG OMG!!i'm so cuak now!i'm cuak-er than yesterday!!OMG OMG OMG!!

i hope that i'm selected to any asasi pergigian..i really really do!!

let's just pray for the best,people!!
but,prepare for the worst..

i've prepared my mind to accept whatever the results will end up.InsyaAllah i wont get emo when i receive the bad news.


Friday, May 04, 2007

hari jumaat nan indah.

aunty nolly called this morning and asked us to go to her house,we did.
and guess what?aunty nolly said she were frying the banana and she saw this kalimah appear..

walaupun dari kiri ke kanan..tapi tetap nampak juge!

i zoomed it to get a closer look

aunty nolly asked me this question..
'hannah cuti panjang ni takde boyfriend ke?'

hahahahahahahahaha...tak bleh bla betul!

i found out that this girl that mak always puji alot dapat program matriks 2 tahun.and she got 8A1 from 16 subjects that she took.apparently her 8 A s tu bukannya yang untuk yang subjects penting2 tu! haha..mak's face were in complete shock when i told her that!haha...tu la...berlagak lagi 8 A1..pergh...

Thursday, May 03, 2007

mantap kujo!

i had splendid mantap kujo time with hani all day today.we went to unfortunately kajang je.but it was still fun.we laughed a lot!i bought a new shirt and a pair of shoes.and i met loads of my juniors in kajang!!OMG i miss them so much!!hari ini merupakan hari ketenangan yg terbaik!!hani and i really wanted to spend time together since we were facing HUGE problem last week and we had a very very emotional week last week,so,today was the hari ketenangan day!the BEST hari ketenangan ever!!haha..

fitting room.

for those who breaks our heart,we've survived!!!we're not as fragile as u think!!

and we tried new stuff like we sms-ed by using this new public icc public phone in kajang.damn kacak la that phone!!i love it so much!haha.
and metro has new toilet!!!OMG it's like a 5 star toilet!i cant imagine how ugly the toilet used to be last year when i looked into the new one.

the rest are still the same.the same old kajang.the kodi kajang.haha.

harini hari mantap kujo!!

p/s:take my test please..let's see how well do you know me..hehe..

winshen knows me well!!!he answered 8 Qs correctly!OMG i didnt know that he knows me THAT well!!dude,i've told u i'll love u more after this!!haha..

letto's ruang rindu song is so nice!

seribu tahun.

Artist : Imran Ajmain

Relaku menunggumu seribu tahun lama lagi
Tapi benarkah hidup aku akan selama ini
Biar berputar ke arah selatan ku tak putus harapan
Sentiasa setia

Relaku mengejarmu seribu batu jauh lagi
Tapi benarkah kaki ku-kan tahan sepanjang jalan ini
Biar membisu burung bersiulan terlelah gelombang lautan
Ku masih setia

Adakah engkau tahu... ini cinta
Adakah engkau pasti... ini untuk selama-lamanya

Relaku menunggumu seribu tahun lama lagi
Tapi benarkah hidup aku akan selama ini... yeah...
Biar berputar ke arah selatan ku tak putus harapan
Sentiasa setia

Jangan putus harapan... sentiasa setia......

a beutiful song from imran ajmain.meremang bulu roma!!menusuk kalbu betul!agagagaga..

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

tak sihat!!

oh!oh!i didnt feel well today!!
i had a major stomach ache!kak ngah explained to me why i got the stomach ache..from asid what to kelenjar what to what ubat should i take..and i acted as if i understand every single word.and -____-" this look appeared on my,i slept all day!imagine how heaven it is to sleep all day without mak scream to wake me up and i didnt feel weak for some sort of's just hurt when i'm trying to get up and i didnt have the mood of eating today. i've been surrounding with doctors!i have 2 doctors in home.and 2 of my cousins are doctors.and those aunties sons and daughters are doctors!no more doctors please.pening ok?completely tak faham those medical terms they use everytime they hang.and we were like..ha?oh..ok.and...

and so..
syaf and ean visited me just now.and we hanged for like an hour..we did some ingat semula zaman² was fun!syaf told me something that made me laugh hardly.she said i looked differen.she said that i 'dah kurus.'and i was like..
woi aku turun 1 kilo je okeh??jgnlah ckp mcm drastik sangat!!
and this face -_________-" appeared again!!

i am so worried about UPU.i dont think that i can get it.i mean it's tough to get in!everybody with excellent results applied for,i say the chances of me getting in is...slightly none.OMG.UPU..tolonglah dapat.if not,i have to go to's not that i didnt like it's like the only chance for me to study abroad kan?tapi leaving mak and luqman alone at home kinda saddened me.i mean,if i go to local university,i can come back home and visit them frequently.either way,i have to sacrifice something to pursue my dream of becoming a,mesir or local university,here i come!

saya mahu makan kimchi...atau sashimi...mahu try!

Tuesday, May 01, 2007


1st of all i want to tell everyone that i'm getting better from this heartbreak stuffs.but i still cant listen to kaer's songs or look at kaer's made me feel like..urgh!!there's this one day i tried to listen to kaer's song.and it ended up with me kaer's songs or pics at the moment please..

a friend of mine told me that i've been frustrated too much as if i was putus cinta and he told me that..
'kau ni kan hannah..ade bf esok..kalau break nanti aku rase setahun baru elok kot?'

another friend of mine told me that..
'weih hannah,ko takyah ar ade bf..kang seksa aku tengok kau kang..ini pon mcm tak bermaya..'


someone made me smile last sunday and her name is nur amira.yes.kak ina's daughter.we've visited her since she just got back from the hospital due to lung infection..what a tough girl she is!she's just 11 months old and she survived from the infection.yeay amira yeay!and the thing that she made me smile is that she only wanna play with me and she cried when mak or luqman or kak ngah come near her.
that really really really made me happy!and i really really wanted to laugh like this..
'muahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahaha...IN UR FACE!' that day but i didnt.i just smiled sinis-ly to them.
and amira made me eat on that day.i had speggheti on that day.thanks amira.mak lang owes you alot!

i went to my kampung today with tiada usual.nobody's bother me at all when we were in the car on our way to kampung except cikde who sometimes asked me something.and nenek is here i have to do everything la now.kak ngah dont have to do anything.luqman jangan criter la pemalasnye..argh!kembali geram sebentar.

hey everybody..
please pray for me..
doakan saye dpt upu uia pergigian please.

sheneedtimetoforgeteverything.t h a n k y o u.