Saturday, May 26, 2007



Dear sir,

We are pleased to inform that your application for admission to Faculty of Dentistry,Mansoura University has been accepted pending satisfaction of all requirements of the Faculty Admission Department.


We would like to congratulate you for being accepted in our Faculty Program.

yeye dah dapat offer letter!YEYE DAH DPT OFFER LETTER!yeye dah dpt offer letter!

just got back from the was quite fun.there are 129 more students who will fly to egypt with me.and they were ok kot.didnt talk to any of them pon.tapi mcm best la diorg.(orang depan saya rupa mcm kaer!haha..)muka semua mcm best je kan..haha..

i have to attend kursus bahasa arab in ukm starting 11 june for two and a half months .so,i have to leave KMM early la.probably next week or next two weeks.adoi terasa sedih la pulak.huhu..not really sure wether or not i have to stay there(ukm) or ulang-alik from home.hopefully dpt ulang alik la kan..haha..

they showed us the pictures that they took from mansoura.mcm sgt best.lawa la tempat tu.they've explained to us that we will live in an apartment and there will be the agent and security so mcm safe la kan..haha..

in conclusion,i'm effingly eager wanna go to egypt to study dentistry!haha..dah tekad dah ni..terpaksa tekad ni..insyaAllah boleh!alhamdulillah.

btw,budak mcm kaer tu birthday die 31 august..kaer 30 august!haha kebetulan sungguh

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