Saturday, May 19, 2007

hey londang!

matrik melaka gempak,mantap!
boom boom shakalaka..
boom boom uih!!

hey!hey people!!i'm home!!i'm back from matriculation for 2 get mom's and kak ina's signature.AND to study addmaths and week test!!OMG OMG malasnye nak buka buku!!!!

the days i had in orientation week.totally memenatkan!i slept for only 2 hours for 5 straight days la damnit!mate bengkak suda!jerawat timbul satu suda!cis!cis!cis!

i met niksu there.sadly,niksu and i are not in the same cluster. jauh wo nak dptkan niksu!ayaiyai belt tak pulangkan lagi!hehehe..

i'm the new wakil wing B in my blok.haha.i still couldnt believe that they chose me!haha..i have to knock everybody's room and call them to gather in one room to recite the al-mulk.hehe..

we had majlis penutupan minggu pengurusan pelajar yesterday.and i was pengiring pengarah.hehehe..we held the bunga emas and bunga manggar and accompany our pengarah into the hall.hehehe..pakai kebaya woo!tak ramai dpt peluang ni!dah la hulubalang2 kat depan mcm body guard kitorg tu hot2!!best!

oriention week.girls and boys were seperated.kaum2 pon seperated.mcm tak syok la.but i still had fun.tapi kadang2 menjelikkan la tell u the truth,i didnt expect malays are so complicated!they have groups and some sort.tak paham la juge.and,i dont understand y some malays macam jijik je other kaums.i mean,perkauman gile!i hate orang2 perkauman ni.mcm la mereka ni jijik gile?argh benci!benci!

i met neesa and farhana!!OMG farhana!my khemah kerja setia selangor 2005's friend!mmg mcm lega gile i met her!OH MY GOD!hehe.i met some bangi bangers also la.tapi mcm tak reti mcm mane nak rapat.haha.

my roomates.all three of them are from asrama.but we hanged alot and got closer.we were the noisiest room in the whole A5 blok!hahaha..kacak!!

what else eh?oh,i have to come back lagi next week.i have to attend a talk about egypt on saturday.and i have to take my bsn atm card at bangi.whee~..balik lagi!!

we will start studying on monday.alahai lemah sudah.dah la takde kawan in the same kumpulan prektikum!adoi letih.

oh oh..have to burn the midnight oil tonight to study addmaths and kimia.adoi.wish me luck!till then,goodbye for now.