Wednesday, May 02, 2007

tak sihat!!

oh!oh!i didnt feel well today!!
i had a major stomach ache!kak ngah explained to me why i got the stomach ache..from asid what to kelenjar what to what ubat should i take..and i acted as if i understand every single word.and -____-" this look appeared on my,i slept all day!imagine how heaven it is to sleep all day without mak scream to wake me up and i didnt feel weak for some sort of's just hurt when i'm trying to get up and i didnt have the mood of eating today. i've been surrounding with doctors!i have 2 doctors in home.and 2 of my cousins are doctors.and those aunties sons and daughters are doctors!no more doctors please.pening ok?completely tak faham those medical terms they use everytime they hang.and we were like..ha?oh..ok.and...

and so..
syaf and ean visited me just now.and we hanged for like an hour..we did some ingat semula zaman² was fun!syaf told me something that made me laugh hardly.she said i looked differen.she said that i 'dah kurus.'and i was like..
woi aku turun 1 kilo je okeh??jgnlah ckp mcm drastik sangat!!
and this face -_________-" appeared again!!

i am so worried about UPU.i dont think that i can get it.i mean it's tough to get in!everybody with excellent results applied for,i say the chances of me getting in is...slightly none.OMG.UPU..tolonglah dapat.if not,i have to go to's not that i didnt like it's like the only chance for me to study abroad kan?tapi leaving mak and luqman alone at home kinda saddened me.i mean,if i go to local university,i can come back home and visit them frequently.either way,i have to sacrifice something to pursue my dream of becoming a,mesir or local university,here i come!

saya mahu makan kimchi...atau sashimi...mahu try!

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