Saturday, May 12, 2007


i've 90% packed and ready to go!i went to warta (-____-") with mum today and we almost bought everything dah.tinggal sikit² je dah.i still have..erm..detergen,sabun and barang2 dapur to buy.argh.tension je guna duit sendiri!damnit.

bat told me that he wanted to come to my house to greet me farewell.but he didnt come pon.cis la bat ni.bazooka!but syaf,ean,nadia,iffah and syazwan made a surprise visit.and i was so touched by that.dan emosi menjelma.gaha.kodi.

kak yong called from ireland.she told me to behave and dont pick up a fight with anybody.she told me to find her if anything happens.gaha kasih sayang seorang kakak baru muncul.hahaha.sedih la plak.

so..i guess this is my 2nd last post and probably my last post if i dont feel like wanna post anything je la.i hope i can post something tomorrow.i wanted to say goodbye pada masa yang no sedih2 should be done tomorrow.i dont wanna spoil it.haha.till then!

oh SHAWAL!!damnit.


ab said...

bye2~! dunt worry laa... u can do it!! jangan tuka perangai jadi tak senonoh sudah.. :p study hard k!?? :p "Bye2"

HaNnAh SaHiMi said...

ab!thanks for the song!!!bye2..
ok.tanak tukar perangai jadi tak senonoh!