Thursday, May 03, 2007

mantap kujo!

i had splendid mantap kujo time with hani all day today.we went to unfortunately kajang je.but it was still fun.we laughed a lot!i bought a new shirt and a pair of shoes.and i met loads of my juniors in kajang!!OMG i miss them so much!!hari ini merupakan hari ketenangan yg terbaik!!hani and i really wanted to spend time together since we were facing HUGE problem last week and we had a very very emotional week last week,so,today was the hari ketenangan day!the BEST hari ketenangan ever!!haha..

fitting room.

for those who breaks our heart,we've survived!!!we're not as fragile as u think!!

and we tried new stuff like we sms-ed by using this new public icc public phone in kajang.damn kacak la that phone!!i love it so much!haha.
and metro has new toilet!!!OMG it's like a 5 star toilet!i cant imagine how ugly the toilet used to be last year when i looked into the new one.

the rest are still the same.the same old kajang.the kodi kajang.haha.

harini hari mantap kujo!!

p/s:take my test please..let's see how well do you know me..hehe..

winshen knows me well!!!he answered 8 Qs correctly!OMG i didnt know that he knows me THAT well!!dude,i've told u i'll love u more after this!!haha..

letto's ruang rindu song is so nice!

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