Friday, May 11, 2007

belum pack.

oh.I HAVENT PACK MY BAGS YET!!!dont feel like packing though.damnit.

my excitation of going to matriculation lasted for only one day.i received 1 bad news.REALLY BAD news.and,hani dont want to go to matriculation la pulak..damnit i dont have any friends there!except niksu,of course.takde mood dah nak pergi.cis la..

i had a good day today.winshen n seeling came to my house!i didnt meet them since 12 march!i'll miss them so much!i miss them already!adoi.we hanged like for 3 hours!from 3 pm to 6pm.OMG i miss school!i miss the days we had in school!where we fought and learn new stuff together.i miss everything about school,even the bad ones.i admit it,I MISS SCHOOL!!

I LOVE a bestfriend

i wanted to cry when they told me these..
winshen:'hannah,i have to tell u this,u're my best malay friend.'
seeling:'i can talk to u about everything,i'll miss u.'(in mandarin la)


terharu do!!cis la..i nearly cry.cis la diorg ni.jejak kasih pulak.

i miss them already

they told me that i'm in the list of those who're selected to lower six!fuyoh hebat!and they wanted me to join them to experience form 6 for at least one day.but lower six will start at the same day with matriculation.cis la.

and,someone finally understands me!winshen totally agree with me about kembara is tak kacak.

i went to shop with mum today.we went to nilai 3 to buy some baju kurungs.i have loads of baju kurung now.i bought loads of tudungs as well!and i bought a pink cadar!i love it.and it only cost rm9.90 for 1 set of single bed cadar.dah la lawa!gaha.

i didnt buy anything else coz we didnt have much time we'll shop for bags,daily stuffs and some makanan kering tomorrow.i only have 2 more days left la damnit!cant wait to see how matriculation situation will be but at the same time afraid of having any culture shock.oh well,it's life.takut la pulak!cis la!

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