Monday, May 07, 2007

should i?

ok so now i'm pening with decisions.

should i go to matriks?

or just leave it?

OMG pening.

i'm like 60% wanna study here.LOCAL!! but everybody kept telling me to go.pening sudah!

batma told me to think and think again.and i did that.but i still didnt know the answer for it.apsal la susah sgt nak decide ni??benci la susah sgt!!

imagine egypt.
padang I CANT DRIVE THERE! mtv and so.kongkong.go out also mcm tak safe.and the people there drive like hell.did i mention padang pasir?yeah.padang pasir.kongkong.have to live in the hostel and cant go out.damn.kongkong.tak free.cis!!!!!!!

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