Friday, May 04, 2007

hari jumaat nan indah.

aunty nolly called this morning and asked us to go to her house,we did.
and guess what?aunty nolly said she were frying the banana and she saw this kalimah appear..

walaupun dari kiri ke kanan..tapi tetap nampak juge!

i zoomed it to get a closer look

aunty nolly asked me this question..
'hannah cuti panjang ni takde boyfriend ke?'

hahahahahahahahaha...tak bleh bla betul!

i found out that this girl that mak always puji alot dapat program matriks 2 tahun.and she got 8A1 from 16 subjects that she took.apparently her 8 A s tu bukannya yang untuk yang subjects penting2 tu! haha..mak's face were in complete shock when i told her that!haha...tu la...berlagak lagi 8 A1..pergh...

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