Tuesday, May 01, 2007


1st of all i want to tell everyone that i'm getting better from this heartbreak stuffs.but i still cant listen to kaer's songs or look at kaer's pictures.it made me feel like..urgh!!there's this one day i tried to listen to kaer's song.and it ended up with me crying...again..so..no kaer's songs or pics at the moment please..

a friend of mine told me that i've been frustrated too much as if i was putus cinta and he told me that..
'kau ni kan hannah..ade bf esok..kalau break nanti aku rase setahun baru elok kot?'

another friend of mine told me that..
'weih hannah,ko takyah ar ade bf..kang seksa aku tengok kau kang..ini pon mcm tak bermaya..'


someone made me smile last sunday and her name is nur amira.yes.kak ina's daughter.we've visited her since she just got back from the hospital due to lung infection..what a tough girl she is!she's just 11 months old and she survived from the infection.yeay amira yeay!and the thing that she made me smile is that she only wanna play with me and she cried when mak or luqman or kak ngah come near her.
that really really really made me happy!and i really really wanted to laugh like this..
'muahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahaha...IN UR FACE!' that day but i didnt.i just smiled sinis-ly to them.
and amira made me eat on that day.i had speggheti on that day.thanks amira.mak lang owes you alot!

i went to my kampung today with tiada perasaan.as usual.nobody's bother me at all when we were in the car on our way to kampung except cikde who sometimes asked me something.and nenek is here now.so i have to do everything la now.kak ngah dont have to do anything.luqman jangan criter la pemalasnye..argh!kembali geram sebentar.

hey everybody..
please pray for me..
doakan saye dpt upu uia pergigian please.

sheneedtimetoforgeteverything.t h a n k y o u.

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