Friday, May 25, 2007

2nd week.

tough week.
i had a fever on tuesday till thursday.but i still went to my kuliahs,practicals and tutorials.gile la tabah!!hahaha.the real colour of matriculation is that you have to be punctual all the have to rush here and there to be in one class in one have to catch up everything and be awake whenever the lecturer's teaching because he/she will go extremely fast to finish 1,i dont really like it la.and i currently eagerly waiting for my egypt's surat tawaran so that i can leave matrik for good cause i hate it when they said IT'S A MUST FOR YOU TO PARTICIPATE IN KO-KURIKULUM.and i hate rules yang extremely ketat2.kate kolej?apsal mcm skolah?ni yang tak suka gile2 ni!bikin tension je.and those PCs in HEP(i've only used PCs in HEP la..others tak try lagi..)rosak2,lag lagi. -__-"
then,rakan2 yang satu kepala pon dah keluar..including those who has been selected to mara and those who leaving for ipta.alahai lagi la sedih!bile surat nak datang ni??nevermind,kite tgk plak minggu depan best tak..

i have to attend a talk about the egypt thingy tomorrow.aha excited!boleh kenal2 orang2 sebelum fly!!best!i hope there will be no strict rules la kan..especially on wajib menyertai ko-kurikulum thingy.jangan la ade plz..hehe..

will be back again kot next week?nak amek kad atm.hehe.i hope mak will change her mind and will fetch me home.if not,i will try my best to tumpang anybody.hehehe..hamz kan ada?tak pon kita naik bus!aha,excited!hehehe.yang penting,saya nak balik!!nak balik jugak!!

ok la guys,i have loads of homeworks and loads and loads of revisions to be done,so,i will stop here.goodbye for now.

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