Thursday, May 29, 2008

of finals and life.

june is about to come!meaning summer is about to show it true self.

june also meaning that the finals is about to end(thank GOD!),and june also stands for how many days left only for me to go home!

the final is like taking too many days(months to be exact) till at one point people got all fed up with covering behind the books.i dont know about others but i am one of those people.But then if i didn't study i'll end up failing papers and i have to come back here earlier than what i've planned.

but the ups and downs of the previous papers worry me alot.i don't want to come back and repeat back the papers.i really-really don't want to.please GOD,i pray to you.

physical chemistry paper was's hard because even the egyptians said its hard.and to make the day more 'perfect',the oral exam sucks.

the doktorah(a female lecturer,they use doktorah here) gave me 8 questions for the oral exam.and she didnt give me the time to think.she said that i'm not studying well just because i'm not like egyptians who immediately write down the answers right after she gave them the questions.

'you left your country,and you're not studying'.

what the heck!she asked me in i look like i understand any word?and yeah,you translated it in english,but you translated it in the wrong way,the way people find it hard to yeah,i need time to think of what exactly the questions are.and hello?i didnt study the way the egyptians study,where they memorized the whole book.i feel like it is just a waste of time to memorize the book but not understand the objective of the book.what is the purpose of attending classes when you can stay at home and memorize the whole thick book?every body can be a doctor if they memorize the books without understand them.oh,i'm tired of complaining.but i'm tired of people accusing me things.bullshit,just have to let it be.

bumped into an egyptian course mate who we(the malaysian girls) tend to call him kedut because the corner of his eyes always winkle everytime he smiles but he doesnt really smell good because he barely change his clothes.we think that he will only change his clothes after a week of wearing it.harhar

kedut: imtihan sahlun?(is the exam easy?)
and then a cute boy behind him asked me the same question but in english.
me: NO!
the cute boy behind kedut: i agree with you.
kedut smiles with him kedut face.harhar.

exams equal to stress which equals to pressure which lead to the problems of life.
exam is pressuring people and when pressure starts to control your body,the emotions became meaning that people will easily get hurt when they are under pressure.this exam season,many broke ups happened.the house shattered into pieces.each house began to have their own house problems.people kept on arguing,not statisfied with each other,and the list goes down.oh tidak,dunia sudah dicemari~!

people stay home and spend more time with books,they didn't communicate with each other often enough.they prefer to silently(or loudly) studying.i may find this new because i didn't attend boarding school.they say they got used to that situation because it happens in boarding school everytime exam season strikes.i need the friendly people back!give me back those friendly people!

the most scary paper is coming right up for the dentist students here this coming monday.i really need a genius' brain for this.i need to do well in this paper so that i can cover up for the physical chemistry that's been stabbing my heart and pass the final without repeating any papers.

enough of all this stuff,
was watching apm's performances in youtube.and i've been repeating this video over and over again.

i think i fell in love with hady mirza.he's just too darn cute!(wink2)
maybe i fell in love with singapore singers kot?but taufik batisah will still be my no 1 singapore singer.hee.

it's already midnight!and it's 30th may today.HAPPY BIRTHDAY LUQMAN!you're 14 now.enjoy your life.i know you read my blog.(wink2)

dearest dentist friends,may all the lucks be with you.15 more days to independency!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

here in my home.

a quick entry..

everybody's been doing this.
and i'm trying to help.(i hope it's working)

a FOC 5 weeks project by pete teo and the collaboration of a number of Malaysian artistes.
the GREATEST song for unity.
i enjoyed this song very much.
this could be the best time for you to click the play button and enjoy it's a fun song!!

just go to the website by clicking the side banner and support them~!

CONGRATS to those who were involved in the project!!(clap clap clap)

am PROUD to be a Malaysian.Malaysia is my home.Malaysia is your home.Malaysia is OUR home.

Malaysia is a unique country.that's why i love my country.
no matter how troublesome and complicated the country is,i still love it.
Malaysia has a special place in my heart.
i just want to hug and squeeze it.muahaha..(wink2)

oh i miss home!! :(

got to go!physics paper is tomorrow~!

Friday, May 23, 2008


bat asked me to do here it goes..

dear readers(if there is one),

the blog is going to be deserted for a while until the owner of the blog achieve independency from her final exams.

the owner still have 7 more critical papers to sit and 5 more oral exams to face.therefore,the owner hereby seek for forgiveness to everyone so that she can face her exam peacefully.

she would be delighted if the readers willing to pray for her success along the final exam period.


final exam mode activated!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

genetics bores me..and kak alak tagged me for a while now..(sorry kak alak~)

5 presents:

1) tiket free balik malaysia.
2) a fully furnished nice home without cockroaches and any tiny creatures..
3) a genius' brain.
4) my less 5 kilo weight.
5) a new handphone.

5 reasons for the above:
1) because i want to use the money for other kak yong in ireland kot?hehe(tersengih).
2) i just had enough of those tiny will spoil the cooking mood after seeing it crawling in the rack.
3) so that i can get mumtaz(wink2)
4) because i gained 5 kilos.and i dont want people to laugh at me when i come home with 'haha,told you you'll gain weight"..cis.
5) because my old phone is already 3 years old.but i still love it though.because it was the only present that my late dad gave me because he was proud of me.but i just need a new one lah..huhu..

5 impression to the ones that I admire:

1) sense of humor.
2) literally intelligent.
3) polite.
4) prays.
5) obeys the old ones.

Best thing he ever did for me:

yeah,same with kak alak..who is the he?

5 greatest inventions:
1) internet!i wouldnt be able to keep in touch with my family and friends without internet.
2) handphone.i wouldnt be able to confirm the tuition classes with the doctors without this.
3) delicious variety of food.yummy.everybody love yummy food.
4) cars.
5) clothes.the greatest invention ever!

5 most hated:
1) low self esteem.
2) studying when i am really sleepy but i couldnt sleep cause exam is tomorrow,like duh!
3) tiny creatures and cockroaches in the house.dont mention.i'm tired of elaborating it again.
4) exams!!!eveybody hate exam,i knoe.
5) rempits.aha..the most hated ones.

I tag:
i know all of you are busy with stuffs..but i have to do this..sorry.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

why egypt?

i was once asked by an Egyptian friend about the reasons of coming all the way to Egypt to study the beginning of the semester,where the Egyptians were so fancy us,the Malaysians,and very welcome us here..(they're still doing it though.whenever i passed by them,they still greet us with 'welcome to Egypt' even though i'm already living in this country for almost 8 months.)..ok back to the topic,so,at the beginning of the semester,they asked the same questions again and again,day by,we lied.oh yes we did!we told them that the government sent us here.(oh rasa sgt berdosa ).we told them that we received some sort of scholarships but they dont understand what scholarship means,so we told them the government sent us lah.if we told them that our parents paid quite large number of money to come here,there'll be loads of questions pulak not other country?is it because it's cheap?(errr...that is kinda one of the reasons kot?huhu)but it will offend them if we tell them that the course back home is relatively much more expensive than,tipu sunat wont kill kot?huhu.and we were too tired of being too famous and being interviewed every second.i letih tau tak?(gedik)haha..

one day,which was the 2nd day i attended the lecture,i met shrouk,an egyptian girl who speaks fluent english,i met her by accident because on that day,the lecturer were absent and we,the Malaysians dont even know what was going on and i greeted her by asking 'can you speak english?'..and i was surprised that she can speak VERY VERY good english.because,let me tell you,the egyptians here,even though their books are in english,which they memorized them,they just can write in english,cant really speak is very rare to find Egyptian who speaks english in Mansoura.

shrouk asked me 'why you come here?you know,the lectures are not in english.'
yeah i know,i am very much aware that not every lectures will be in english.we were informed my our seniors.maybe because we were the 2nd batch of malaysians who are studying dentistry in Egypt.maybe the 3rd batch will have their own lectures separates with the Egyptians and they'll have their lectures in english.maybe by then,the University noticed the existence of Malaysian dentistry students in the University.oh,lucky them.

so why i decided to study here?
it's mak's choice.she said Egypt is the best place,kak zati is studying here too and kak zati is auntie Kam's daughter and auntie Kam is mak's bestfriend,so..things are very much related..u do the math.huhu

auntie Kam said Egypt is much better than Indonesia and Russia.she said this because she came here once,last 2 Russia,i have to be very good in their language(what is russian language,btw?) because their lectures are in their language.which what Auntie Kam said,worthless.because,russian language is not like arabic language which once you learn arabic,you'll gain reward from GOD and it is heaven's language.(there goes my chance of staying in Russia)

indonesia,mak said that it's quite dangerous there.with earthquakes,and the tuition fees there is rather more expensive and mak said that i'll get spoiled for flying home regularly whenever there's holidays.(that's what she said lah.i dont know the truth of the story..)

and mak said that by entering matriculation,there will be no promises of getting dentistry course in my future because,as they said,matriculation is where people have to strive their hardest to get 4 flat.(siapa suruh main2 time spm?kan dah tak dpt local universities?..huhu)

so,do i like it here?

i'm not so sure myself.yea i know egypt is dirty,and they still use the donkeys and horses as transportations.they sell fruits and vegetables on the horse.which is very rare to see in other countries.also,they use the baskets to get things from the stores under their house and they will pull the basket up and's like living in a totally different century.but they have the high standard modern large houses also la..they are not that kuno after all.and their cellphones grew rapidly even though this country just got introduced with cellphones 2 years ago.everybody has handphone canggih here.only the malaysians are using the old ones.haha.

but at least,Egypt is a four season country.there's summer,autumn,winter and spring.
(there's no snow in winter though..but it's extreme cold.because it's dry yet cold.)and i'm enjoying it(not for no..too many flies and cockroaches bothering me..say no to summer!huhu)..and like they said..mesir tanah berkat.mesir bumi matter how rude the citizens are,no matter how serabut the country works,no matter how dirty it is.Mesir tetap bumi anbiya.and living here,like abg jad said,is something to cherish for.and like it or not,i have to live here for the next 4,i have to cherish it no matter what.either way,i thank God for my destiny.

the juniors are now attending the kursus bahasa arab starting today.for 3 months kot?abg jad will be ustaz jad starting today.haha..cant wait to go home and pay UKM a visit!i wonder how abg jad teach.rumors said that there will be only 6 of the students are in dentistry course.oh our batch probably have the most dentistry students kot?huhu..anyhows,juniors,we welcome you here.

a piece of advise:dont choose blok c as your home..and if you choose c7,that's where i live!and i'm going to move soon.after we found a new home.

pictures that we took after chemistry practical sheet exam..


the faculty of business is behind us.

the day fifek wants to pujuk me.

number of papers left to sit:
practical: 1
written: 9.

sayangilah your mom,hannah.
dia ibu tunggal,ibu mithali.
yes,i love my mom and i will always love my mom.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

oh awakening!

final exam mode.
will update soon.
sorry for the bersawang-sawang blog.

study hard friends!aim for the best!

i wish you..


love always,