Sunday, May 25, 2008

here in my home.

a quick entry..

everybody's been doing this.
and i'm trying to help.(i hope it's working)

a FOC 5 weeks project by pete teo and the collaboration of a number of Malaysian artistes.
the GREATEST song for unity.
i enjoyed this song very much.
this could be the best time for you to click the play button and enjoy it's a fun song!!

just go to the website by clicking the side banner and support them~!

CONGRATS to those who were involved in the project!!(clap clap clap)

am PROUD to be a Malaysian.Malaysia is my home.Malaysia is your home.Malaysia is OUR home.

Malaysia is a unique country.that's why i love my country.
no matter how troublesome and complicated the country is,i still love it.
Malaysia has a special place in my heart.
i just want to hug and squeeze it.muahaha..(wink2)

oh i miss home!! :(

got to go!physics paper is tomorrow~!

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