Sunday, May 11, 2008

why egypt?

i was once asked by an Egyptian friend about the reasons of coming all the way to Egypt to study the beginning of the semester,where the Egyptians were so fancy us,the Malaysians,and very welcome us here..(they're still doing it though.whenever i passed by them,they still greet us with 'welcome to Egypt' even though i'm already living in this country for almost 8 months.)..ok back to the topic,so,at the beginning of the semester,they asked the same questions again and again,day by,we lied.oh yes we did!we told them that the government sent us here.(oh rasa sgt berdosa ).we told them that we received some sort of scholarships but they dont understand what scholarship means,so we told them the government sent us lah.if we told them that our parents paid quite large number of money to come here,there'll be loads of questions pulak not other country?is it because it's cheap?(errr...that is kinda one of the reasons kot?huhu)but it will offend them if we tell them that the course back home is relatively much more expensive than,tipu sunat wont kill kot?huhu.and we were too tired of being too famous and being interviewed every second.i letih tau tak?(gedik)haha..

one day,which was the 2nd day i attended the lecture,i met shrouk,an egyptian girl who speaks fluent english,i met her by accident because on that day,the lecturer were absent and we,the Malaysians dont even know what was going on and i greeted her by asking 'can you speak english?'..and i was surprised that she can speak VERY VERY good english.because,let me tell you,the egyptians here,even though their books are in english,which they memorized them,they just can write in english,cant really speak is very rare to find Egyptian who speaks english in Mansoura.

shrouk asked me 'why you come here?you know,the lectures are not in english.'
yeah i know,i am very much aware that not every lectures will be in english.we were informed my our seniors.maybe because we were the 2nd batch of malaysians who are studying dentistry in Egypt.maybe the 3rd batch will have their own lectures separates with the Egyptians and they'll have their lectures in english.maybe by then,the University noticed the existence of Malaysian dentistry students in the University.oh,lucky them.

so why i decided to study here?
it's mak's choice.she said Egypt is the best place,kak zati is studying here too and kak zati is auntie Kam's daughter and auntie Kam is mak's bestfriend,so..things are very much related..u do the math.huhu

auntie Kam said Egypt is much better than Indonesia and Russia.she said this because she came here once,last 2 Russia,i have to be very good in their language(what is russian language,btw?) because their lectures are in their language.which what Auntie Kam said,worthless.because,russian language is not like arabic language which once you learn arabic,you'll gain reward from GOD and it is heaven's language.(there goes my chance of staying in Russia)

indonesia,mak said that it's quite dangerous there.with earthquakes,and the tuition fees there is rather more expensive and mak said that i'll get spoiled for flying home regularly whenever there's holidays.(that's what she said lah.i dont know the truth of the story..)

and mak said that by entering matriculation,there will be no promises of getting dentistry course in my future because,as they said,matriculation is where people have to strive their hardest to get 4 flat.(siapa suruh main2 time spm?kan dah tak dpt local universities?..huhu)

so,do i like it here?

i'm not so sure myself.yea i know egypt is dirty,and they still use the donkeys and horses as transportations.they sell fruits and vegetables on the horse.which is very rare to see in other countries.also,they use the baskets to get things from the stores under their house and they will pull the basket up and's like living in a totally different century.but they have the high standard modern large houses also la..they are not that kuno after all.and their cellphones grew rapidly even though this country just got introduced with cellphones 2 years ago.everybody has handphone canggih here.only the malaysians are using the old ones.haha.

but at least,Egypt is a four season country.there's summer,autumn,winter and spring.
(there's no snow in winter though..but it's extreme cold.because it's dry yet cold.)and i'm enjoying it(not for no..too many flies and cockroaches bothering me..say no to summer!huhu)..and like they said..mesir tanah berkat.mesir bumi matter how rude the citizens are,no matter how serabut the country works,no matter how dirty it is.Mesir tetap bumi anbiya.and living here,like abg jad said,is something to cherish for.and like it or not,i have to live here for the next 4,i have to cherish it no matter what.either way,i thank God for my destiny.

the juniors are now attending the kursus bahasa arab starting today.for 3 months kot?abg jad will be ustaz jad starting today.haha..cant wait to go home and pay UKM a visit!i wonder how abg jad teach.rumors said that there will be only 6 of the students are in dentistry course.oh our batch probably have the most dentistry students kot?huhu..anyhows,juniors,we welcome you here.

a piece of advise:dont choose blok c as your home..and if you choose c7,that's where i live!and i'm going to move soon.after we found a new home.

pictures that we took after chemistry practical sheet exam..


the faculty of business is behind us.

the day fifek wants to pujuk me.

number of papers left to sit:
practical: 1
written: 9.

sayangilah your mom,hannah.
dia ibu tunggal,ibu mithali.
yes,i love my mom and i will always love my mom.


Nurul Nuha =) said...

and that would be 7 if i were there.. emo lak nuha nih..haha~

the course is for one month and a half only..guite surprised la for a language course that usually belajar for 3 months..ends on 27 june if i'm not mistaken..

ya, ya.. the same reasons as my mum's for opting to study overseas but too bad i can't go egypt la.. my sponsor just wont let me go T___T

happy studying!

we'll still be blog friends..haha~
what a relationship! :p

Nurul Nuha =) said...

typo *quite


Niksu Rashid said...

somehow this entry touches my heart. i'm proud to have you as my friend dear. balik cepat! 3S menanti. weeee :)

hannahsahimi said...

haha..nuha..ur sponsor tu jealous kot nk hantar jauh2?haha..
ends on 27 june?alamak..
takde can la melawat ukm kot?
but the ustad there told me that the course ends on middle of august..huhu..

yea..blogging friendsis a unique relationship.!should be fun!huhu.

and niksu,
waaaahhhh tak sangke boleh menyentuh perasaan!!huhu..
nk cepat2 balik la ni!!
suruh la june tu cepat2 dtg..huhu..
3S akan ku tunggu~!

AaLaa' said...

hannah..lawonye gambo2 tuh! kat egypt ek tuh.. and here i am thinking that there re no trees or greenies kat sane! bummer me! haha..