Tuesday, May 13, 2008

genetics bores me..and kak alak tagged me for a while now..(sorry kak alak~)

5 presents:

1) tiket free balik malaysia.
2) a fully furnished nice home without cockroaches and any tiny creatures..
3) a genius' brain.
4) my less 5 kilo weight.
5) a new handphone.

5 reasons for the above:
1) because i want to use the money for other purposes..like:visiting kak yong in ireland kot?hehe(tersengih).
2) i just had enough of those tiny creatures.it will spoil the cooking mood after seeing it crawling in the rack.
3) so that i can get mumtaz(wink2)
4) because i gained 5 kilos.and i dont want people to laugh at me when i come home with 'haha,told you you'll gain weight"..cis.
5) because my old phone is already 3 years old.but i still love it though.because it was the only present that my late dad gave me because he was proud of me.but i just need a new one lah..huhu..

5 impression to the ones that I admire:

1) sense of humor.
2) literally intelligent.
3) polite.
4) prays.
5) obeys the old ones.

Best thing he ever did for me:

yeah,same with kak alak..who is the he?

5 greatest inventions:
1) internet!i wouldnt be able to keep in touch with my family and friends without internet.
2) handphone.i wouldnt be able to confirm the tuition classes with the doctors without this.
3) delicious variety of food.yummy.everybody love yummy food.
4) cars.
5) clothes.the greatest invention ever!

5 most hated:
1) low self esteem.
2) studying when i am really sleepy but i couldnt sleep cause exam is tomorrow,like duh!
3) tiny creatures and cockroaches in the house.dont mention.i'm tired of elaborating it again.
4) exams!!!eveybody hate exam,i knoe.
5) rempits.aha..the most hated ones.

I tag:
i know all of you are busy with stuffs..but i have to do this..sorry.


Nurul Nuha =) said...

hey hannah
i'm not really good at doing tagged posts..i noe it sounds stupid, haha
but if i am rajin, ill do it...

hannahsahimi said...

haha..tak kire2..u've been tagged..so u have to do it jugak..