Tuesday, December 04, 2007

getting busier!

egyptians and their so-called punctual.

organic chemistry's oral test is posponded..AGAIN!hadoih.hopefully that there will be the real test next two weeks.we cant stand of memorizing again and again with lack of sleep and got all tensed up for there will be a lot more tests coming up!

OMG OMG OMG OMG!!takut la plak exam dah dekat ni.because my dear readers,i have no idea what the lecturers were teaching from the beginning as they teach fully in arabic (except for microbiology that being teached by Dr. Yehyia whose english is so fluent and use english in his teaching almost 90% of the time in the lecture.sayang dr yehyia!! and dental material's Dr Gum'ah who giving us extra dental material classes for malaysians..sayang dr gum'ah jugak!!).Luckily for us,after so many times of seeing the dean,we managed to get lecturers who teach in english for our practical classes.at least,we are not that lost like last year's dentistry batch.alhamdulillah.

I have physics practical test next tuesday..and i'm going to be the only malaysian that's going to take the test on that day.dah la balik maghrib!!OMG OMG siape sanggup teman????????others will take theirs either on wednesday or thursday.aku sorang gak yang tercicir hari selasa.hadoih.hadoih.

Planning to read novel ayat-ayat cinta by Habiburrahman Saerozi,a novel pembangun jiwa.it's about egypt,love,agama etc.the novel was introduced by mahfuz.i'm going to try it!hee...

we're going to have eid's break for 4 days starting 20th december.so now,we're planning on what should we do during the eid break.either to stay home and study or go jalan2( must bully abg jad for this) alexandria or zagzig or tanta or wherever.haha.seronok cuti!hehehe.

winter break.
will be having 2 weeks of winter break.which means...JALAN-JALAN!!ha,aku tak jealous la dgn korg yang nak balik..i have other plans worr..either to JORDAN or to SINAI(the only place in egypt with snow..haha)..jom kumpul2 duit..i dont mind to go to anywhere i just want to JALAN-JALAN!!

ape ni hannah??exam next week la!!english assignment not done yet.inorganic chemistry practical tak study lagi.physics practical tak sentuh lagi.ok.byebye

thanks to syazwan n akmal who willing to sacrifice their money to sms with me from far!!tapi 20 sen per sms je...hee..

hari ini tahun lepas:hari last paper spm..haha

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