Sunday, September 30, 2007

buka puasa.

hey hey peeps!

here again to update the blog.i've been waiting for days to update it.the internet connection here is like the slowest ever!that is why i hate gmn so much.we paid rents eventhough it's like the most expensive rents with rumah yang buruk gile,we paid the internet double the normal price and we knew about it but redha je la bayar..but we receives the lamest service ever!we wanted to pindah but the thing is we are now stuck with a one year contract.sabar je la bulan puase ni..huhu..

after 1 month,i finally got the chance to call my mum..through skype.i've made a video call.i saw mak!and it made my heart touched!mak,kak lang misses you so much!

wednesday,we went to hadharul maut to break our fast there..hadharul maut serves nasi beriani!!!and it's cheap and delicious!and it reminds us to home.

breaking fast with izah at hadharul maut.

yesterday,i went to cairo again for majlis buka puasa with duta at malaysian students complex.abg jat bought us there and it was fun!i had the chance to eat ayam percik!karipap!murtabak!kuih lapis!all sorts of kuihs,and nasi lemak!OMG rindu!rindu!rindu!saye rindu masakan malaysia!!!!!!!

hanging out with aimi,jaja,xety and sito.

breaking fast at cairo.

today,we had another majlis buka puasa at utubis gadid,mansoura.sedap gile nasi kuning with ayam masak merah yang mcm berempah!

situasi di markaz utubis gadid.

breaking fast at utubis gadid.

problems pasal kuliah dentistry kembali lagi!we have to face another problem!hahahahahahaahahahahahahahaahahaha..OH GOD!!!bilela masalah2 ni akan selesai???hannah,bersabar je pada bulan ramadhan ni..huhu...ok,enough of the updates,it's already late and i havent study for 2 days now.and i have to revise everything..ADIOS!

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