Wednesday, September 26, 2007

after 1 month of waiting.....updates!!

friends who came to klia before i fly.

stopping at mumbai

my first bite here.

giza pyramid

qal'ah solehuddin
hai orang-orang malaysia!!

hey peeps!it's me again!and after a month staying here,i finally got my wireless internet connection in my house!it's like OMG i have loads and loads to tell everybody my experiences here.hohoho..

baru sampai
all the way from egypt.i've landed on 26 august 2007 at 7.00 am at cairo international airport.i had my first egypt bite which was molto strawberry swiss it was so yummy that i believe that i've voted it as my most favourite food in egypt..hehe..then,we went straight to ghiza piramids,sphinx and qal'ah was hot and we were damned tired but we still forced ourselves to visit as many historical place as we could.we met abg jat,abg azrul and abg eko.they were really helpful.late that night,we arrived to mansoura.we stepped into our so-called house.i bursted into tears.the house was really awful!it was a disaster.the next day,the seniors took us to buy some cleaning up the house's stuff.and finally today,baru boleh digelar rumah.huhu.

we've celebrated the independence day at cairo.believe me,once you leave the country,semangat patriotik tiba2 datang membuak2!!hahaha..

9 september,we went to cairo again to meet menteri besar shop!hehe..we spent the night at kak ayu's house.abg jad and kak ayu brought us to genena mall and city stars the next day to shop.i bought some shirts because i didnt bring much clothes with me.i bought rempah2 ratus n food je..huhu..we spent the next night at rumah was fun where what we had there was totally fully sponsored by pegawai2 negeri yang visit us.byk duit terselamat..huhu..

i've started my classes on 15th september.i have to walk for setengah jam to reach my kuliah.which is kuliah ulum(kuliah science).the medic students are so lucky!dah la kuliah dekat,lawa n cantik pulak tu..huhu..jealous!i have classes from saturday till wednesday.the 1st problem that we had to face is that some of the lecturers refuse to use bilanguage in their lectures.we have to see them and ask them to do an extra class for us,malaysians.imagine how tired we were searching each department,each floor almost everyday last week.dah la puase!and the departments pulak closed at 1pm!and we have to rush here and there.huhu..the 2nd problem was about sections.we have to see the vice dean to settle it.

the labs here are pathetic!imagine asid2 kuat itu diletakkan di atas meja and terbukak.mcm kelakar gile.and situasinye sgtla menyedihkan.sometimes i wonder why the hell i left matriks for this?but let be gone be by gone.kena la mnyesuaikan diri.

malaysian hall


juharah..the only shop below our house where the owner is cute and speaks english.

having mcD at city stars,cairo

waiting for cab with abg jad as the musyrif.

in lecture hall

breaking fast at mo'men.the most delicious fast food in mansoura

that is all for now.the house is a mess and i have to clean it before my medic housemates come back home.huhu..adios!

more updates later......
p/s:enjoy some of the photos

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