Sunday, January 25, 2009

katakan tidak kepada teksi

i've wasted my time in cairo sebab the pegawai selangor was not in,so i can't collect the cek from rumah selangor yet.damn it,nasib baik exam dah habis.grr

tapikan tapiiii....

this time,the cairo trip was a little bit different.kami sahut cabaran nadia for her 'no cabs campaign'.

main transport: by walking or by bus sahaja.

us,with mission :D

did the mission accomplished?let's see..

from ramses to arma,took about 15 minutes walk,and by the instruction from a kind pakcik,and yes,we managed to hop in the bus to arma.

took a cab from arma to ma'rad kutub.
alasan: bus no 14 to ma'rad kutub stop dekat belakang,takut jauh nak beli tiket (konon).ok,alasan is acceptable lah (kot?)

heaven of buku murah.(weih cida,kau suke kan main tutup2 mata?hoho.)

2nd hand books at the back.seriously cheap.

met some chinese tourists there.chatted abit in mandarin(asked them where to buy the tickets je pon).my mandarin has gone utterly bad lah damn it!cis betul!
the chinese tourist guide speaks fluent arabic.which really surprises me right there and then.

4 hours of book shopping,we took a bus to city stars.also by the help of one of the kind cairo citizens there.

5 hours in city stars and we are ready to go back to arma.

'weih,balik baik ape?'

nadia:'naik cab lah.'

'(insert any type of gelak besar here) your so-called kempen taknak cab!'

nadia:'penat dohh..'

blame her hamsters' new box for making the kempen taknak cabs tak menjadi. :(

seriously,you can save a lot by taking bus instead of cabs.bermaksud,more money to shop!gahahaha.(no wonder my cairo friends didn't take cab and can live joyously there.dekat mansoura je orang tak naik bus or tremco or whatever,kami guna kaki ye?kaki.)

dan dannnn...
you can practice your arabic also.tiba2 lancar la pula bila tanya direction dekat pak2 arab.hoho.

keledek bakar yang saya takut nak cuba tahun lepas sebab..takut kotor kot?tapi rupa2nya sedap.hoho.

and,egyptians are very helpful when you need their help.sanggup jalan jauh-jauh just to show us where to take a bus.who says egyptians are sombong?

conclusions of this cairo trip:
it was a great new experience indeed after i live here for the 2nd year.
abang-abang (abang?erk..)arab atas bus pon not bad looking kot kadang2.wahaha :p
kaki sakit gila kot?
it's fun!alah,main redah je la if you don't know where to take a bus or takut-takut nak naik bus ke..ask the egyptians,they're nice.(kot?)
keledek bakar memang helwa awwi.
fine lah,aku selama ni jalan-jalan dalam cairo naik cab je..that's why jakun sikit bila tiba-tiba naik bus.

oh advice for those who wanted to stay in the 3 L.E per night at the transit room in arma,tolonglah bawa lihaf ke saratoga ke santamora ke morano gold ke..AT LEAST,bring your summer's cold there during me,i experienced sleeping without blanket there twice during winter.serious tak dapat tidur.(tu la, tak dengar kata lagi!)

so the pegawai selangor asked me to come again next week.haih.jom.


Anonymous said...

haa...cmne nk pg arma nek bas???cmne nk pg maarad kutub nek bas??cmne nk pg CITY STAR nek bas????????sile beri tunjuk aja...

Anonymous said...

oh adek i pun pegi book fair tu hehe
hannah,awk pretty :)

hannahsahimi said...

dah terangkan dah pada ym. ;)

byk buku kan kan?best betul!
oi hannani,apekah u merepek ni hish!

zs said...

gila ka apa wei naik bas!! unbelievable.

neway i hope u've settled every zakat thingy tu. it gets really hard dealing with gov officers, sumtimes they just tell u off to come over next time. macam laa kita duduk cairo boleh datang bila-bila masa. hmph. i thought these only applies to arab, but then when malaysian live long enough here they also wannabe like those arab. huhu.

btw, i've changed my link. tukarlah kat sidebar tu kalau free, aite.

hannahsahimi said...

zs, weih naik bas..jimat :D

tak settle pon that zakat thingy tu.let it be lah.if they wanna help,they will.if not,then it's their dosa la.tu duit zakat weih,kena kasi kat orang yg memerlukan,am i right?and it's their job to ensure that setiap org dpt.cis lah aku benci orang melayu berperangai wannabes.haha :p