Thursday, January 22, 2009


exam is over (for now) and i will head to cairo tomorrow to settle up some stuff in rumah selangor,and some book shopping at the annual ma'rad kutub (book fair).

no comments on the oral morphology practical exam today except for the sticky wax which was too lembik to contour it and the nervous me was so clumsy and too nervous till i actually menggigil while softening the wax.and i feel like you don't actually understand a word i'm saying pon kot?or do you?tak kisah la but i feel grateful that i got maxillary central incisor (gigi atas yang tengah2 sekali),which was for me,the easiest tooth to carve compare to the canine(gigi taring) that faridah got.

classes masih bersambung untuk 2nd term.
what?no early holidays like last year?

after winter break pula sambung mid term exam for killer subjects.
hint: not a joyous winter break for me this year.

mann..dentistry really took away my social life!
..sad face..
..super sad face..
..super duper sad face!..

ye,ini gambar airport.jom balik malaysia!

dapat la pulak!pictures above taken on the 18th january 2009.sending izzah off back to malaysia for winter breaks.we've been missing you izzah,faster come back!(nada jeles :p)

meet,luna n estrella,nadia's new tak berkualiti,sbb guna handphone sahaja.maaf.
ayat saya hanyalah: kenapa kamu active sangat ni?

p/s: boleh tak kalau nak rebus buku tebal2 ni dan minum air rebusan itu dan terus jadi pandai?haha :p

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Anonymous said...

i slalu buat stiap kli hbes exam haha.tak pndai2 pun!ok tipu siket.mne bole rebus buku hannah!the black jubah