Wednesday, July 01, 2009

the place called HOME.

i am home!
home as in the house of mine,not the one i'm renting, not the one with small living room with overcrowded stuff and super hot temperature either in or outside the house.

how hot you ask?
egypt is now super hot that you'll be sweating like a pig even though you just went out for 5 minutes with 40+ degree celcius, and the fan is only like.. half inch from the face which pretty much made your mood swings whenever the fan's making trouble.

for the two weeks of merdeka, we did a photography session and an annual dinner together

dentist photography session
venue: gama'ah mansoura (Mansoura University,Egypt)
photographer: Taqi(syukran awwi taqi!)

the dentist batch 07/08 dinner.
venue: ramada hotel.

with a super duper fast egypt air(ok, i'm exageratting), i took a 12 hour flight straight to home sweet home.and dear mak made a surprise for me with the new room.yeay!my mom is just too sweet,i know.. :D

they made me fill the health declaration form for a precautionary step of the H1N1.and what made my jantung berdebar is when they give me the card stated ' this person may be exposed to the influenza A (H1N1)' and they told me to give the card to a doctor if i catch any flu.creepy..especially when it was the first time i fly alone,and the nurses treated me as if i really got infected with the H1N1.

changes since i left home for approx 8 months:
luqman has grown taller,and i'm missing the short him.haha
everything in the house has changed,it felt like eric leong came to the house and made some decorations..haha
yours truly has gained weight but lesser than last year due to the stress of studying.well that's the alasan that i gave to whoever ask me 'kenape dah berisi?' haha.
yours truly has gotten tanned,due to the super duper hot weather in egypt.

did i tell you that my eldest sister is getting married?*super excited!*

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fayaaLing said...

salam kak hannah, cameacroos your blog via google :)
im farhah, just finished my pre-uni 1 year course in engineering. thing is, its been a while, i 'feel' like studying medicine. its a big risk really for me im in a huge dilemma i have noone to consult to. im wondering if you can assist me in briefly portraying life in mansoura university, in egypt, the ambience, the study, the facilitties. do the lecturers really teach in arabic? cuz i know none of it. i fear of myself dropping out and get wasted if i screw this(or it screw me) the moment im actually 'diverging'my whole course.thank you very much email me when youre free?