Wednesday, July 30, 2008

nasi durian

the delicious way of indulging the taste of durian.

try this.

take a plate,put some rice on it,the amount is up to you.

choose any slice of the golden yellow yummy durians.for me,i will take two;)
put the durian onto the rice.

dash some coconut milk or milk(low fat,full cream whatsoever milk) on the durian and the rice.add some amount of sugar on the rice.

squeeze the yummy durian and mix them all together with the rice and the sugar.put away the biji of the durian.

after finish mixing,enjoy your meal!it can be your lunch or dinner

we dont know the exact name,but we tend to call it nasi durian.
let me remind you again:it is very delicious!everybody should try it!

arwah dad taught us this delicious meal.he said it's from perak,but whenever i ask my friends from perak,they dont know it.probably it's from perak's old folks and the youngsters didnt learn how to eat them.pity them.

mak told us that the nasi durian is actually made by the poor people (back in the 60's) who couldn't afford to buy durians,durians were pricey back if they happened to get a durian,they will share it with their huge family,and they will mix the durians with rice so that everybody can taste it.and nobody get left behind.

we used to eat them with the coconut milk,but we changed it into milk after dad was diagnosed with his kidney disease.we assume it is the healthier way by using milk instead of coconut milk.but the lemak part is not complete la.

try it,you'll love it.i know it because the whole family love it!and i'm going to teach my future children about this,and and my future children will teach my grandchildren and so on and so on and so on..haha merepek.

if you're on diet,just have a bit.and you'll be craving for more!haha.

one more thing,dont eat too much durian or you'll get a major headache like what i'm having now.too many people gave us durians and our house has become the kebun of durians and mak kept open it one by one and i,on the other hand,cant help my hand to help mak tasting it slice by slice.aiyoo..mak can eat 2 whole durians without having headache.i envy her.huuu..


faridah YD said...

ur mum already immune lah tu..hahaha..d24 is the best durian ever..creamy, yummy but i can only eat seulas or two..nasi durian sounds delicious..nasi in nasi putih makan dgn lauk pauk?

hannahsahimi said... la tu kot..
d24?not really a big fan of d24..
muak la mkn..huhu..durian kampong sedap..haha..
yup nasi putih..but without the lauk pauk..just nasi,durian,coconut milk n sugar..that's all.murah!haha..n 1 more,u don have to cook anything..except the nasi la..
try it!try it!:D