Monday, August 04, 2008

of meeting

had a perjumpaan ibubapa dan pelajar perubatan dan pergigian mesir yesterday in UKM.and it was a fun yet tensed meeting.

fun,because i met my fellow rakan-rakan pejuangan.4 of the dentistry students attended the meeting,and some medic students were there it's like some sort of small reunion and the lunch is free! :D

tensed because of the argument that had occurred between the parents and the agents.the parents were very unsatisfied with the services provided by the agents,while the agents were defending themselves saying they know what they're doing yada yada.dont they realize that we,the students actually live there and what we've told our parents are actually the truth?but i kept silent for the day,let the parents do the talk.unfortunately,mak couldnt make it,so i went there alone.but an uncle was so defensive,he defended the dentistry students and an aunty came to me and said kenape diorang cakap pasal pelajar perubatan sahaje?diorang ni memang nak kena!.that aunty was right,i mean,it's not fair when you paid the same amount of the service they've charged but didn't get the same service.we were like being forgotten and have to do everything by ourselves.

for instance,
the tuition and extra classes.
the agents were very much aware of the arabic lectures but didn't do anything to solve that matter,and we have to sacrifice to search for the lecturers who willing to give us classes in english,but we have to pay them extra money.and after we told the agents that we found the extra classes yada-yada and we actually passed the exam,barulah nak puji2.heh,we are not the makan puji people.just be thankful that nobody is suing you.

the problems regarding the university.
for medic students,no biggie!just warm your butt at home and there's someone doing everything for you.and when we ask 'what about the dentistry students?'..same answer will be uttered, 'i'm not sure about that' which means..DO IT YOURSELF and what does do it yourself means?it means that when you negotiate with the clerks in the student department,they wont help it?how does it feel when you have to be a pendatang haram for 5 months because the dean don't want to give the letter that allows you to extend the visa?yeah,that's what i went through.after so much of crying and arguing,i didn't get a thing!and then came another problem where they said that i haven't pay the fees.****!!!just be thankful that nobody is suing you.

luckily,my patience is considerably enough for me to face those obstacles without giving up.yeah yeah,i whined a lot.I've been saying 'i wanna go home so badly' blabla but friends made me stay and i managed to finish my first year!prouuuuddddd~!

the agents promised that they will improve their services and make no more mistakes.i do hope that they keep their words,if it's not for us,please provide a better service for the juniors.we can handle ourselves now,we are big enough!haha.just please don't try to lie to us again.if you're not quite sure the facts,just say that you're not sure.don't pretend that you know everything.that's all i want.

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