Thursday, August 07, 2008


I love samosa!who doesnt?samosa is my favourite makanan petang after goreng pisang,keropok leko,cakoi,and popiah basah.i remember when i was younger,every saturday was the busiest day for me,with UC MAS classes,and co-curiculum,but i will spend some time buy the huge samosa in the mosque beside my school after i performed zohr prayer,before i head to my art class later that afternoon.the samosas really made my day.and mak knew it because whenever i got fed up with the busy schedule my mak will persuade me by buying the samosa for me.hee.

after i enter form 2,i graduated UC MAS and the art class moved to bangi,nearer to our home but,i told mak that i had enough of art and the compact mak compromised but i rarely had samosa since will buy them if only we were heading somewhere else after my tuition classes and we had to stop at the mosque to pray.but now,no more,luqman have his tuition at home,and he rarely go to school on saturdays and we rarely have plans on saturdays goodbye samosa yang besar dan mengenyangkan.huu..

last 2 years,when i was busy preparing my SPM,mak learned how to make samosa from ustazah maznah,i helped,a bit,i helped in the tasting part je.haha.

so today mak asked me to mak 59 samosas.and i had a tension-geram-fun time doing it.haha.blame my hands for not into the cooking stuff.haha.

i know everybody knows how to make samosa,but i want to show it anyways.haha

the inti of the samosa.
cook some minced meat,jintan manis(aniseed),onion and some salt with a bit of oil together.

and you'll get this:

buy some kulit popiah(spring roll pastry)
cut them into three till u get something like this:

make your own glue by mixing some flour and water

take 2 pieces of the previously cut kulit popiah,and glue them together with the flour-water mixture.

make a triangle shape at the corner of the kuli popiah,and stuff in the inti.

roll the kulit popiah according to the triangle shape that has been stuffed with inti earlier.

again,glue them with the flour-water glue.


you'll get the perfect triangle samosa~!

deep fried them and you'll get something yummy like these~!:

it was frustrating at first because the kulit popiah was soooooo fragile!!tarik sikit koyak!terlebih inti sikit,koyak!adoi.banyak songeh betul.tension je.huhu.then after i made the first 20,i am a pro!haha.


Adilah said...

SAMOSA!!! MY FAVOURITE!!! Hannah, saya mau samosa. =D

hannahsahimi said...

haha serious ke ur fav jugak?huhu
i will bring some samosa kalau kite jumpe nnt k?