Tuesday, August 12, 2008

freshly 19.

yes, i am 19.

i am a proud 19 year old girl.and i am going to enjoy as much as i can during the last year of the big 1 at the front.will be facing the big 2 soon!gosh,i've grown up so fast!haha

the family surprised me with pizza-hut which i craved for too long i couldn't remember.we celebrated my birthday 2 days before the exact date of my birthday.

remember at school we always wrote down the date n will count every single days left till the birthday?now i didn't even care about the dates and i literally lost count the days.

therefore,i was totally forgot about my birthday until i read the offline message niksu gave me a day before the birthday. ;)

1st obstacle i went through as a 19 year old is the slip result.the egyptians kept giving us excuses because they don't want to print out the slip result for us.and that made me angry until i scolded my friend who were intended to wish me happy birthday.sorry,i didn't mean to scold you.

but i received the best gift ever this year because my good friends compelled the egyptians to print out the slips.(another problem occur, they typed my birth date wrong, erghhh!!! doesn't matter,i can't wait to go back and give them a penumbuk sakti)

i was busy during my birthday until i forgot to enjoy it.huh.but i would like to thank everybody who gave me testimonials in friendster, comments in myspace, messages via sms, calls and so on.i appreciate every wishes and may we have a great year together.God willing.

and oh,thanks for the presents too! :D

the hair is now short.goodbye long hair,you will be missed.in fact,i miss u already!adoi. :(
since it is my birthday,the blog is back open to public.(hopefully it'll last long.) :D
i am a tuition teacher no more.(there goes my chance of shopping) :(


AALAA' said...

dear cik hannah salleh sahimi yg selalu bertukar url blog:

happy nineteen!!! hahah enjoy ur nineteen b4 u reach ur twenteen haha.. being in twenties is no fun i tell u..haha but then again, what's with the age..its wat u hv done thruout ur life & how far u've come that matters, rite ;)

henjoy bebeh!~

hannahsahimi said...

tak slalu tuka la.. once only..huhu

thanks kak alaks!!20s tak best ek?
oh takpe,i will try to be 19 as long as possible.suntik botox ke watever..haha