Tuesday, August 26, 2008

stop fussing.

yes,i will be flying back to egypt after 5 days of raya,meaning 5 october.
so,kenapa perlu kecoh?
tak puas hati?

i have reasons of staying here longer even though my classes start on the 20th of september.for god's sakes,it's only 8 days of skipping classes!why is everybody making such a fuss about it?!!

compare me to any students who extend their holidays till november,or even worst,december.what do you have to say about them?

i am one of the earlieast to go back to egypt.there will be only 1% of malaysians in Mansoura when i arrive and let me tell you why..

most of those who has to go back early then they've planned because of repeating their papers will be flying back home during raya,when the class is just about to start.they will only be back after a month of celebrating raya.haih,rich people and their money.easily spent,easily spoiled.

if i was in their shoes,i will not eagerly begging crying dramatically for coming back home once again in the same year.heck no!i will keep the money so that i can come back again next summer.

why do i have to spend twice in one year?tell me again why you consider yourself aren't spoiled?

coming back once a year is more than enough for me,exceptional for emergencies.i consider myself terlampau mengada dan menggedik if i come back more than once a year,again,exceptional for emergencies.

the reasons i think it is ok for me to extend my holidays for 8 days:
8 days,is not 1 month.
dentistry lectures are in arabic.8 days of attending lectures but didn't understand a thing,is not like attending 8 days of attending ENGLISH lectures that they're so damn lucky to get.
mak will be alone this raya,i am willing to sacrifice to celebrate the raya with mak for only this time.i will not be back next raya IF the class is already start by then.

don't worry about me,we,the dentistry students,as usual,will find any extra classes for us,the 21 malaysian students,god willing,the lecturers will reteach the whole thing from the start.

i nearly wanted to go back earlier,before the class starts,but they said that the flight seats for august and september are fulled,therefore,i prefer to stay rather than paying an amount of money to get the business class or first class seat that is vacant at that time.

i am a big girl now,go worry the juniors,they are too flying to egypt after raya,go fuss about them.i can take care of myself now.they're the ones you should worry about,leaving them alone in the deserted place where they do not know YET how to suvive with the immorality, impatient, penipu, busuk sides of egyptians and living along with donkeys and horses and witness how those animals pee or poop wtf.yeah,go fuss about them.

i thank you for care about me,but too much is too much,my mom didn't say anything about me extending the 8 days of classes,why should you?

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