Saturday, July 19, 2008


service orang melayu vs service orang cina.

same day,same time.

situation 1:using the malay's service to repair the waterpipe.
called for number of times,then only they come to your house.
they came and check the toilet and tell you that they'll repair it that afternoon.but,janji orang melayu,they didnt come.
later that night they called,telling you the amount of money they wanted to repair the toilet(belum apa-apa dah nak duit)
soo egyptian-like-attitude.bila pasal duit,laju je.
then they told you that they will come the next day.
but..janji melayu,macam arab,tak nampak batang hidung.
you've called,you've waited for a week!then only they come to your house with their tools.
but it didnt end there just yet.
after you paid them then you realised,ada jugak paip yang bocor.cheh!
patutla laju je korang nak balik.

situation 2:using the chinese's service to repair the astro decorder.
called once,they told you that they will come at 1.
at 1,they showed up.(senyum)
they didnt tell you the ammount od money they wanted,they said :'let us repair it first lah'(senyum)
they told you that the soonest you can get your decorder back is after 1 week.
after 1 week,they called,the decorder is already back in action.

so whose service is better?you decide.


Adilah said...

usually chinese service bagus. sebab diorang hargai customers. customers are always right! haha.

tapi kdg2 ada gak chinese yang bangang skit. tak dapek eden nak tolong.

hannahsahimi said...

betul2..setuju dgn adilah!