Tuesday, April 15, 2008

my perfect guy list

was tagged by amelin..so here it goes..
my perfect guy..

1. educated,this is a MUST for my perfect guy.whom i can share thoughts with.and whom understands that education is important,AND at least if i end up marrying this type of guy,we will surely have a stable economic state together~..haha..

2. has a good religious knowledge.i want a guy to reprove me for not performing my prayers and guide me to the right path in islam.and he can be the one i trust for teaching me any religious act(bukan ajaran sesat) that i dont know.

3. family first!i will definitely fall for him if he cares for his family more than anything(even me).exceptional to anak mak.if he's an anak mak,then it's a big trouble for me(and other girls too).

4. understanding.he wont be my perfect guy if he doesnt know me or understands me well.a guy who listens to my complaints,a guy who always lend his shoulders for me to cry on to is definitely one of the top guys for me.hee~.he also has to be there whenever i need him and always advice me whenever i need his advice in any matter.

5. doesnt smokes.yup.i dont want to risk my life to be a second hand smoker and receive lung cancer as a present.but if he smokes before he met me,then i'll guide him to stop smoking.but please,dont smoke in front of me.i hate it when the smokes smell is all over my shirt and tudung.it will give me headaches.

6. tall and has a great smile.yea that tall part is nothing to worry about as guys are tend to be taller than me.hehe..i love a guy with nice teeth,and when he smiles,his nice white teeth will be shown.kalau bergaya je lebih tapi gigi kuning tak best gak kan?

7. quiet type.because i'm loud.it will make things balanced.and quiet guys are cute too!hehe..but he should be talkative and have sense of humor in front of me..hee..

8. a guy who has high self confidence,act as his true self,good advisor,not a hypocrite.he loves me as who i am and he does not pressure me with what he want from me.(ie:thinner,prettier).i am who i am,so,please accept me for who i am.

9.basketballer.because i love to watch him playing basketball.sgt mcm seronok untuk ditonton..huhu..

yeah,i'm very picky.but you have to choose the best for you kan?ahahaha..niksu,saye bagi amelin 9!saye menang!haha..:p

my crush has 8 out of these 9 qualities that i'm looking for over my perfect guy.it is good enough for me as nobody is perfect.but,yeah,i have to say goodbye to him too..adoi..selamat tinggal jejaka yg diminati..semoga berbahagia!

to faridah and ilya,you are now tagged by me..haha..so u have to do this too!hahaha..padan muke korg~!


faridah YD said...

hannah..part anak mak tu sgt setujuu..hahaha..ill do this one mlm ni..hehehe

hannahsahimi said...

orait bebeh..selamat meng-list down-kan perfect guy anda~

rizal said...

you not really need a super quantity guy just to match your type.number 6,8,and definitely 9 is the least available choice you hardly find in this world.but i glad that none of your list is related to materialism [money and fortune].

yeah, i learn english can be fun if you enjoy it. i just to upgrade my language level [getting A2 is not enough, seriously] for preparation at the college. mostly i learn English via the telly or songs and none of my parents is speak English

actually, i'm taking psychology in tar college. i choose this course cause im like helping people and understanding the human mind and behavior.Playwright is just a "extra knowledge " for my artistic ability. someday i write a screenplay [for movie ,of course] as my part time hobby. maybe it could relate people's life, who knows. even so, i also would like to learn lots of thing beside playwriting [including jujitsu, surfing or football ]. But Money seems to be a main object to open the door to gaining new skill, Haiz

Dentist, thats a really good course to learn [my science not that great and my hands are not that mechanical]. i wonder is there any "special technique" to whiting my teeth ? hehe

Anyway, Thanks for your highly supports. i hope you having a great life and keep your dream on until you reaching your main gold.


amelin. said...

cikkak!! u r going to be a dentist soon. treat laa ur bf a free rawatan gigi.

hannahsahimi said...

nnt i'll be thinking of his teeth disease 24/7 when i see him..
he better have a great nice teeth or else he have to go see other dentist..
i wont touch his teeth..hahaha..