Sunday, December 17, 2006

bbq nite.

last nite was a BLAST!i went back to school!kinda miss school actually.harh!we had bbq there.the interactors were organising a christmas bbq party for us.the seniors,or should i say..former interactors.gaha.i was late.had to wait for maghrib.but luckily,the event havent started yet!i was exactly on time.the event was supposed to start at 6.30pm but some so-called technical problems melambatkan party which only started at 8.00pm.oh well,malaysians are never punctual.gaha.

so,we had our bbq.i didnt bakar anything.i just ate the meehoon.lama la bakar!malas.haha.the party macam bosan for a,me,liyin n waikuan keluar senyap-senyap n went yamcha at the beach cafe.duh~.liyin dapat kereta baru!urgh!envy!envy!yamcha moment was much much better.n the food was berbaloi gile.

after yamcha,we went back to school.lai said there's a game,so we should go back to school asap.had a present exchage a cute mug from desiree.i don't know who got my present.regina got a pen.a pen?kedekut gile whoever gave it!hish2.played the chicken n egg though.i did win but sadly i didn't inform the emcee,harpreet about my winning.nevermind.have fun sajelah rite?

ean n syaf was supposed to come but they couldnt make it so i went there n liyin did dance.a bit.haha.i cant dance,dont blame me.hehe.u should see victor's move.mcm robot yang dah rosak.gaha.jessy's a really good dancer!she's so hot last nite!my curfew was before,i called dad to pick me up at 10.45pm.liyin wanted to fetch me home but mak was not confidence enough of her driving.urgh.parents.they're just worry too much!dad picked me up at 11.45pm.arrived home at was a blast nite.really enjoyed it.should do it more often!

i'm getting fatter!imagine,those fast food,junk food,n weddings.urgh.jom bersenam!
photos are with liyin.akan dikeluarkan later.

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