Saturday, February 02, 2008


i am so proud of myself for travelling to cairo by myself (with friends) by bus.huahua.balik kampung pon aku tak pernah naik bus!so yeah,thanks mum,for sending me here so that i can be much much more independent.(senyum sampai ke gigi)

29th january 2008
the bus arrived on time and we left mansoura at 10.10 am.the journey took us about 3 hours to arrive cairo.abang jad was not in cairo,so we took a cab to the malaysian hall(ARMA),luckily we got a very kind pakcik cab driver.we asked him wether or not he will accept 8 genih(egyptian pound) for the tambang,he said ok.normally,they will charge us 10 to 20 genih.In cairo,you have to ask the cab driver first for the tambang to go anywhere in cairo.and you have to be very good in persuading them for cheaper tambang.because,sometimes,they will take advantage of you and charge you very pricey.
we arrived at ARMA safely and met kak yani n kak zati there,as soon as we said our prayer,we were off to city stars which is the largest shopping mall in egypt.SALE,SALE and SALE is everwhere.rambang mata.the food there was kinda pricey.i had a set of mcdonalds double cheese burger and it cost me 17 genih.kempunan mcd dan lapar punya pasal,aku sanggup membelinye!
after lunch,we wanted to try to watch the movie in egypt,so we watched I AM LEGEND(egypt sangat lambat).the sound system is a thumbs up.and there were arabic subtitles.we were so amazed about kinda helped you to learn arabic though.huhu.funnily enough,there was a five minutes break.we were shocked for it stopped in the middle of the movie and people were going out,but the man beside us told us that it's just a 5 minutes break.memang gelak gile.
we went window shopping after that.i bought 2 faboulus(it's a brand name) shirts for 50% off.the shirts really made my day because i didnt bring much clothes from malaysia.then,we went to cilantro to have some drink.blimey,the watermelon-orange juice cost me 15 genih!but it worth a try.i grabbed cilantro's magazine(i paid 15 genih for the drink,so if it said free copy,it worth to grab!)and i helped kak yani to steal the cilantro's menu.sape suruh menu die comel sangat?huhu.

it's isyak and we were afraid of malaysian might caught us for walking at night without musyrif(at least 1 man have to accompany a group of girls if they want to go anywhere at night.the musyrif is supposed to act invisible but we always ask our male friends out if we wanted to use musyrif.even to classes or shop.they will scold us for not having a musyrif,but we were stuborn enough to break the rule.huahua)so we went back to was really cold and i didnt bring my baju terpakse mentegarkan diri mengharungi kesejukan malam.huahua.i didnt bring any blanket also,so terpaksa tidur mentegarkan diri.and i cant even sleep cause it's cold and they didnt provide heater at the guest room.

30th january 2008.
the family day has is for male indoor competition.there were bazaar around the ARMA and they sell loads of malaysian food.bersinar2 mata aku.huahua.we went to the biggest ma'rad kitab(bookfair)in egypt.and they were selling books cheap.i bought 2 khalifah Allah books for children as a present to my anak2 sepupu and 1 book for myself entitled the undomestic goddes.havent finish reading it yet.but it's an interesting book to read.there were so many people in the ma'rad kitab and we bumped into so many malaysians there.we went back to ARMA before night and borrowed some blankets and had an almost good night sleep.hee.

31st january 2008.
it is female indoor competition.the family day is for persatuan perubatan seluruh mesir.there were cairo,mansoura,tanta,zagazig.alexandria cant attend the family day because they were having a study week and they have exams coming tak boleh usha hot guys because alexandria has the most large number of malaysian hot sempoi medic guys.haha.i didnt enter any competition because by the time i wanted to insert my name,they said there were too many people.ah fine,i just walk around and buy malaysian food to eat.APAM BALIK!!muahaha.i went to haiyu 'asyir(section 10) where the malaysia's rumah negeris were built to settle up my zakat problems.and Alhamdulillah it is settled.just need to post it back to in cairo means money.loads of money are spent in cairo more than how i spent in mansoura.i rarely spend money in mansoura.i just bought the house stuff if i wanted to.therefore,we decided to come home.that night,there were no musyrif for us.we told everybody that we will be fine without musyrif.but everybody forced us to stay another one night,it might be dangerous.but we said it's ok,we can take care of ourselves and checked out that night itself.manelah tahu,a friend of mine told me that there were 3 boys wanted to join us,so we have musyrif to accompany us.hadoih.we went home by bus also.and we arrived home at mansoura,the cab driver will only charge you at least 1.50 genih or 3.00 genih highest.that is why i love mansoura much more.muahaha.

spent a lot of money.dah sengkek.but tried a lot of things.for the first time,we went to cairo and survived without senior's help.hehe.mak,you have to be very proud of me!hehe.

kesian dgr kisah mereka yang ke sinai.cuaca buruk.i cancelled my trip to sinai.probably will extend it to next year,insyaAllah.

pictures will be uploaded soon.

next trip:alexandria.


AaLaa' said...

heheii undomestic goddess = bess!! haha.. though a bit cliche la kan sophie kinsella's writing style. but that book = fun. so okla gak. enjoy reading ;)

hannahsahimi said...

ni yg tak saba nk habiskan ni..
tapi ade plak kene bace buku skola..huhu..
dilema betul!haha