Wednesday, February 06, 2008

happy chinese new year!

oh is ending..

ah..i have classes starting this coming saturday..oh sangatla malas keadaannya!i think i had too many holidays till i feel like it's a burden for me to start studying again.n i have zoology test coming on 14th february.and because of that,i spent the rest of my winter hols at home,finishing up my physiology,embryology(oh ini tak sentuh lg)and histology.havent memorise them yet.i just scanned them.huhu.

cekteh is getting married soon,this coming saturday jugak.and i wont be able to attend the ceremony.oh no,i hate this.huhu.speaking of marriage,a friend of mine is getting married(or probably already married)with her coursemate.that is why they went back this winter hols.i mean,it's a shock when we got the news that they were getting married.mude lagu oo!but anyhows,congratulations!and semoga berbahgia ke anak cucu!~i wont telling names because it is said that once you received the news,you must keep it discrete until he or she allows you to spread it anywhere.but anyhows,you know who you are,pengantin baru,and if you're reading this,i hope that you're having a splendid time with your partner!i pray for your happiness!

mom's started to question me about me coming back.she kept asking me the date and wether i'll be free at this date and that date.she already asked me to book the air ticket to fly home.oh,i think she misses me!haha.but she said that she wanted me to be home early so that i can help pak andak dealing with his son's kenduri kahwin.again,i was body told me abg iwan is seeing someone,tibe2 muncul berite nak kahwin pulak.terkejut beruk la aku!his future wife is his junior and i cant wait to meet her!

i think my driving is getting worse.oh no!i have to drive with mak who's willing-to-teach-me-FOC and i have to bear all of her screams,curses,and shouts towards me when i'm behind the wheel.ah tak suke!i just want to drive!!huhu..

i hate this.i've planned my holidays and it keeps on tak jadi.i think there is high percentage of me not going to alexandria.cis!i knew it!abg jad said he's not really sure when he will take us there.oh no!i really really want to go there this hols!i cancelled my trip to sinai because of the bad weather and i dont want to cancel this trip too!even though my money is already spent for tuition fees and house rent!but on the bright side,i'll have time to memorise the my zoology for the zoology test.but the bright side wouldnt be so bright afterall because i spent more time reading the undomestic goddess than reading school books.argh!whatever it is.i HAVE and i MUST go to alexandria before june!so that they will be stories to tell to the family members and pictures to show!muahahaha..

anyhows,happy chinese new year to my chinese friends.oh GOD!i miss them so much!i actually miss celebrating chinese new year at school!oh,i love that school!!with the pesta angpau,and hari kebudayaan and tarian singa and CNY songs.oh rindu!!huahua..

i hope that my laptop will arrive here safely as soon as possible.i hate it when i have to bertendeng at other's laptop to online.because i am not THAT miskin to bertendeng and begging for sympathy.i also hate it when i have to break promises because i cant online for i dont have my own laptop.ciskek kau!tunggu ar laptop aku sampai,toleh ke arah kau pon aku tak mahu!berlagak sangat!huh!

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