Friday, February 29, 2008

goodbye abg jad~

we went to cairo.AGAIN!this time,for bidding abg jad farewell.this is what i hate leaving far from'll get close with your friend that you treat him as one of your family members and then you'll get sad of them leaving you.huhu.abg jad dah tamat pengajian~(jealous betul..huhu)

we (sito,aiman,afek,hanis,elly and i) went to cairo on wednesday,27th february morning.we reached cairo approximately at 12 and sito said let's walk to hussein.ok thinking that hussein(the place where the heaven of egypt's sourvenirs is built.huhu) is soo near to ramsis(the bus station),we agreed.dekat la sangat kan?lucky you,i'm not those kind of people who will get tired easily and start nagging about how long i've been walking,and how long i've been waiting you to get up from bed n get dress yada yada.we reached ataba square where they sell everything cheap.but you have to bring along a guy or a huge group of girls there because the egyptians will beg and pull you to their stalls to beg you to buy their stuff.kinda creepy.but yeah,that's egypt.

after the long walk(2 hours of walking kot?),we finally reached hussein.they were so many tourists and i felt like one too!wakaka.the food there was pricy.(thank GOD afeeq treated us!huhu),waited for the guys to finish sheesha-ing.and performed our zohor and asr prayer at saidina hussein's mosque.the mosque is very big and beautiful and there's makam saidina hussein inside.we have to walk outside the mosque's gate to take our wudhuk.what an experience.we went jalan2 at hussein for a while before we headed to abg jad's it there.jom pergi lagi~

we arrived at abg jad's house approximately maghrib.perfomed our maghrib and isya' prayer and then went to restoran cairo for some nasi goreng.abg jad and some of the guys sang some farewell songs before we head to the airport.

they were so many people sending abg jad.terkenal kot?huhu..abg jad is now safely landed.till we meet again,abg jad~

konon2 panas padahal sejuk.


hussein mosque

snapping the view.


the view from hussein.

taxi cairo
cairo's taxi.


jumpe lagi di malaysia~

kami dan ee pulang~

next trip to the airport:june kot?pulang~!!!huhu.

ps:pergi la berjalan dgn lelaki yg survive tak byk keluarkan duit.sebab,nanti anda tak perlu mengeluarkan byk duit.even penat sikit,tapi untung,u'll gain more experience by me.

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