Sunday, March 09, 2008

nak balik nak balik

election day was yesterday and whatever the result is,saya happy jadi rakyat malaysia.i dare not to say which party has my support because i dont like to discuss about politics.i just go with the flow.maybe the time has not come yet for me to think about the pros and cons about the parties that has established in Malaysia but it is enough for me to know how many chairs does the parliament has and which politicians are in what party.overall,i'm just happy to know the general knowledge about Malaysia'a politics.blah,aku tak pandai main politik.wait till i'm 21,then i can consider on thinking and voting or electing.

Malaysian students here are so bersemangat on the politics and i kept hearing it here and there.i pretended that i didnt hear a thing they said because for me,not until i'm eligible to vote,i wont care anything about are still a student,for GOD's is more important.agree?it's enough for me to know who mak voted.and the rest,i think it's better to keep it with me.i dont want anything bad happened if once i open my mouth and spit everything out and people who disagree with me will hate me and we'll be in great trouble of loosing a good friendship.People has their own way of 'main politik'.but at the end,we're still malaysians and we still need each other to,i prefer to keep my mouth shut and remain silent till i reach 21.that's it.but Alhamdulillah,the election day has passed.have to wait till everybody stop talking about it and healed from demam pilihanraya though.

kalau dapat kahwin dengan politician muda pon best jugak kan?(drolls~)

speaking of healing,
i woke up quite early this morning and i reached my new lappy(hee~new la sgt kan?hoho) and i ym-ed with my dear bro,luqman(oh btw,i realized that luqman has been viewing this blog,so people,say hi to luqman!!and hi to any anonymous readers too!!*macam la ade sgt..hoho*)and yeah.luqman pandai main politik.he knows everything.i should be ashame of myself and learn more from him.haha.and he suddenly tell me that hani(my dearest longest nearest best friend) had met an accident.a car has slammed her when she was on the way to the photocopy shop.she replied my message by saying she fractured her skull and her left foot is having internal muscle bleeding.sounds horrible.i wish that i could be there with her right now but all i can do now is pray for her health.GET WELL SOON HANI!!

i met dr ebraheem who thought us practical organic chemistry last term and asked him whether he can teach us,malaysians theoritical organic chemistry in english because we have no idea of what the theoritical lecturer has been teaching since the 1st day and he agreed to help.but,dear malaysian students,please dont complaint on how pricey the classes that i,izah,eza,nadia,ara,and chubby had agreed on because,i told you that there'll be a meeting on discussing the price and who told you not to come?seriously,if we didnt ask shrouk,and if we didnt care less of finding any alternative way of understanding or if we didnt work our ass off with the intention of helping others in this,we wouldnt ask you to join!kalau pasal belajar,duit berkira sangat!inilah orang melayu.pasal benda lain,laju je tak kira berapa harganya.kalau pasal belajar,taknak la.mahal la.banyak sangat cerita.thanks to you guys yang taknak join,we might have to pay the dr a little bit more.oh shit.kau ingat mak aku ada duit sangat ke?tapi takpe,arwah ayah pernah pesan,jangan berkira when it comes to studies.haiz..

oh news spread fast.the schedule for final imtihan(final exam)for pre-dentistry students has will be started on the 19th of may and it will end on the 14th of june.we will know the results 2 weeks after the date for the final day of the final exam which.thought of flying home before exam but the others are planning on flying home after the exam and there's no one else flying home before the results because medic students will only finish their final exams in early july.oh apekah ini.saya mahu pulang awal!!!so,there goes my chance of attending abg ewan's wedding ceremony.(crying~)

oh it's true that i am indeed fat.Ara has successfully informed me that and i dont have to wear belt for my jeans anymore,i have to loose weight now here's my plan:
1. keep on eating foods but in fewer quantities.
2. keep an eye on everything that i digested.
3. record my daily intake.
4. drink more water[as the weather is getting warmer(suam2 sejuk sekarang ni),i think i can achieve no 4 successfully.]

cant predict the weather day the weather may be hot and sweaty,the next day,it may be cold back.huhu.

pengajaran blog kali ini:please spread any info to your coursemates tak kira la pasal imtihan ke pasal tuition ke pasal extra classes ke pasal when u guys planning on balik ke.i mean,kita dalam golongan yang sikit sgt for heaven's should think about the others too.hish tension betul la macam ni.


Anonymous said...

hei hanna...i'm from Malaysia & currently staying in Malaysia..I've been reading ur blog for a while now... I love your experience and all and also all your luahan hati.... Klaka...keep on the GOOD Work...and if u do have time n if it's possible & if u don't mind, i would like to know more about Mansoura. ~~chayok~~~~

hannahsahimi said...

hello.thanks for it's true there's an anonymous reader reading my blog..wahh bangge!!haha..
sure,i'll try to write about mansoura whenever i'm free.k?mind to introduce urself?