Saturday, March 29, 2008

the mixed up feelings

ignore this post.i just feel like writing.

my friends told me that i have no feeling towards this lovey dovey thing.but i'm kinda disagree but sometimes i feel the same way too.

oh shit i dont know why i suddenly wrote this.may be it's because of the situation where you know,when you like someone but you suddenly knew he/she has someone and you end up broken hearted but he/she didnt know that you like him/ make things short,i am in that situation.(sad)

i rarely like someone..because i rarely meet people the same race(due to the attendance as one of the malays in some majority non malays group in my schooling years..even kindergarten for heaven's sake!)what the hell am i saying.the conclusion is...i rarely met people,ok?.(maybe that is the reason for the absence of my feeling towards the lovey dovey thing kot?)but i'm not blaming my schools..i love my schools!(except for this university..hoho)

itula dulu orang tu bagi hint,kau taknak dengar..

but i dont know he gave me any kind of hints!i'm serious!

ohhhhhhhhhh saya TAK suka perasaan niiiiii.....

luckily i have more important stuff to worry.the FINALS.i have to get mumtaz(very good) result to fly back to my hometown with a big grin.huhu..

and then i have new house to worry.i have to search a new home here so that it worth every penny that we pay.not like this old-full of lipas and other binatang-full of not working plugs and lamps.i just dont get it why they still want to rent it.

ignore this post..please..

haiz..the gemuk and buncit and hodoh is currently so sedih.


niksu said...

haha i found that this post is very funny la hannah sayang! takpa, tak perlu kejar bebenda ni, nnt datang sendiri. hehe. eh btw, napa kena pindah rumah en?

hannahsahimi said...

haha..biarkan post tu..ignore it..huhu
saye dah happy sekarang..huhu
pindah rumah sebab rumah ni teruk gile..tak berbaloi..sewa die mahal gile..huhu