Sunday, February 10, 2008


winter is ending soon..
there's sunlight outside!
hello sunshine!long time no see!

the weather is just nice.not too cold and not too hot.just about 15 degree centigrate.oh yes,i can wear just selapis of shirt already.goodbye sweaters,baju belon2 and heater!i can put you in the cupboard now!see you in december!hehe.

next season will be spring.they said that it will begin at the end of march.cant wait to experience my first spring here.hehehe.but i kinda miss winter,really.egypt is a lot neater during winter.there wont be a lot of sampah and the pungent smell of himar(donkey)'s or horse's(wait,what is horse in arabic?i forgot..hehe) waste on the's everywhere.u wouldnt realise if u step on ewwy is that sound?haha.

new semester has started.oh exams is queing.loads of studying should be done.kinda like it,for i wont have any time to think about others.hihi.but it's kinda stress me up though.i dont know why.i never got stress in my high school years.i learned how to feel stressed or pressured here.and i learned how to be in bad mood here.and i talks other people's back!i used to hate people talking about others,but i end up being one.huahua.hipocrit i am.but that's life!hee.

we are statisfied with our new may look packed but for us,it's a bit lighter than our semester 1's least now,we only have saturday for night classes.we used to have saturday,monday,and wednesday for night classes last worries a lot of people because we always come home late.and we love our inorganic new lecturer!havent got time to get to know his name though.but he teaches in english!double thumbs up to you,doctor!it makes us stay awake and not wasting time emblessly in the lecture hall.we're actually learning!!!hehe.that's why i'm having this wide smile all day.haha.

damn,i dont know whether or not my friend(who said to me that he will bring back my laptop) is going to bring my laptop here.the vodafone line is so bad.sometimes,when i text my mum,my mum didnt receive it.but it charge me 50 pastels(cents) for the message but it is not delivered.fuck la.

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