Thursday, July 05, 2007


alhamdulillah.everything is settled.i've renewed my passport n the baitulmal scholarship thingy also has been settled.

cuti is almost over.i have to check in again tomorrow.but mak said,i can come back home and hang after that.meaning,i just have to go there tomorrow,book for my room and my friends' room,then,call kak yong to pick me up,then tidur balik! heaven is that?haha..i can drive.but mak doesnt allow me to.aha.takpe,asalkan balik.hahaha.

i called amal.gosh i miss her so much!she told me that our h2p6 has been closer than before.OMG i miss my prektikum in kmm.i still believe that kmm is still the me a freak but i still keep KMM in my heart.KMM dihatiku to be exact.i feel like wanna go there and stay there for just 1 night.argh!rindu giler seyh!especially my roomates,my jiran depan,my prektikum.gosh!harap2 janganlah lost contact.amiin..

so amal passed the phone to pipat.and pipat telah menjealouskan saya dengan jayanya with something i couldnt mention here.benci seyh!!pipat!!jage kau!aku bunuh!!!

ah enough.this thing is making me feel more rindu to KMM.i miss kmm's life.and the boys that annoys me much..syawal,naqi,ayai..ok i have to admit it.i miss korang yang kelaka dan pemalas!syimir and phiau.OMG.serious rindu gile ok?GOD plz,plz la ada orang yang sehebat mereka2 ini di UKM.

speaking of rindu.I MISS KEREPEK CONFERENCE!everybody has left and i felt lonely without merepek2.haha.imagine,i went to bed at 12 or 11 pm!memang serious sunyi!even mak asked me..:'ai,awal masuk tidur?'..haha..takblehbla.

ok.aku tak reti tangkap gambar mcm mane yang haziq bgtau haritu.aku main tangkap je.haha.tapi serious aku rindu conference sampai pukul 3 pagi ni.

i have to attend kelas ganti on saturday and sunday.arghh!benci la kelas on weekends!sabtu takpe lagi.AHAD sgt tak bleh,my cousin is getting married on sunday.but mak said,since i have classes to attend,she doesnt allow me to ponteng to attend the wedding pulak!dah la after i fly to egypt nanti i have to miss a lot of wedding ceremonies!perghhh...ADOI!

enough of meluahkan perasaan session.i feel so much better after typing it down.thanks readers.


settle suda.

KMM friends,i miss korang soooooooo much.

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