Saturday, July 28, 2007

shut up and drive.

ringkasan 2 minggu.

went to mid valley with roomates last wednesday.elly bought something for her boyfriend and i bought myself a new radioactive handbag.memang puas hati la.we were there from 6 till 10 pm.nasib baik dapat catch up the last train to go back to ukm.kalau tak,tidur je la kat mid..hee.


went to alamanda with mak,luqman n kak yong on 21 july.saw the harry potter books but didnt buy it for i being so stupid didnt grab the chance to buy it when it's only 70 bucks!OH TIDAKKKKK!!!!hadoih.went jalan2 and had our lunch there.

22 july.was raining all the day.and i have to iron everything up so i would not have to wear wet shirts to kuliah or to sleep.lenguh tangan!sampai cadar2 pon aku iron tau tak?haha..bought the delicious chocolate hazel nut cake yang sangat yummy yummy yummy to surprise mak for her 50th birthday.again,happy birthday mak!kak lang loves you so much!

kuliah went okay.sekarang dah ade orang bercouple2 skarang crite hot pasal couple2 la.hadoih.

yesterday,syazwan fetched me up from ukm with his hot waja.hee.thinking that he will drive me to alamanda so i can buy mak's present and some stuff but then when i got into the car he said we're going to shah we fetched ekhwan,ean,ekhwan's gf n nadia and went to shah alam to meet 'ariff gemok'.he was gemok when he was in yuhua but he's thin now.but we still call him ariff gemok.hee.ariff drove his swift and brought us to kedai kopi.then we went to 'belakang rumah persinggahan sultan' then to subang's uptown yang totally memang takde pape langsung,then finally hang dekat mcdonalds kat subang.hee.went back to kajang at 12 am and arrived back at ukm at 1 am.seronok gile dowh!memang mcm fun gile.hee.good luck to syazwan untuk 2nd semester di unisel.welcome to my kampung.hee.

sign P

driverku yang hot


kedai kopi

seronok!!!let's do it more often!!!hee.

p/s:korg,flight saye pukul 0040 hours 2 september 2007.lagi beberapa minggu je lagi..sobs..

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