Sunday, July 01, 2007

nilai nilai nilai..

we,that included mak,kak yong,luqman,ikram,akma,along,kak fati,cikde n alang went to nilai square to shop!!

nilai square..the place where somebody broke like me went to shop to buy new clothes.hahaha.

i bought my baju raya.(ckp pasal raya,nak sedih plak dah!).quite nice.mak picked it for me.thanks mak!and i bought a new blouse yang boleh dikatakan lawa la jugak.hahaha..but mak paid for both.i love u,mak!

we went there with just 1 car!thanks to kia carnival that can fitted in 7 people,plus three others sat on the floor.hahaha..

i had a totally kecoh day.with cikde's melatah n jokes,with kak fati,along,and alang's non stop pergaduhan.really made my day!hahaha..

too bad lil ikram is having a he wasnt as jumpy,as hyper as usual.

jom keluar???i'm bored at home with nobody to chat with.everybody is in university/college now.aha.bosan.

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