Tuesday, June 05, 2007

happy birthday sayang..

we've celebrated his birthday last saturday.we had chocolate cake and some food.i gave him a big hug.and the gift that we bought for him.happy belated birthday luqman.hehe.

was supposed to go to eyes on malaysia last night but was canceled.ayaiyai..

had a very busy day yesterday.we went to cikde's to send nenek there and then to HKL to buy kak ngah's third year medicine heavy berlambak books.then,off to alamanda for lunch(alamanda dah ada baskin robbins!gahaha) n mak surprised me by buying a huge bag for egypt.besar gile sampai saye boleh masuk ok?haha.plus,bought luqman's present,again,there.after that,we went straight home and it was maghrib.aha.therefore,mak said:'dah penat,tak payah la pergi eyes on malaysia.'...grrrr...anyhow,thanks mak,for the bag.

i went to pejabat imegresen today to renew my passport but they said i'm not 18 yet.therefore,i cant get the student price which is 50% off!wtf???so mak said we have to wait till 11 august baru pergi buat.haiz...tp on the bright side,i'm still 17!!muda seyh aku!!!hahaha..

i drive the car (with mak beside) till tabung haji!!bapak best!!hahaha..thanks mak!hahaha...but i didnt turunkan the handbreak all the way there.patutlah berat semacam!dont tell my mak about this!!hahahahahaha

i miss my KMM friends..

ok tatau ape nak tulis dah.

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