Friday, June 15, 2007


ahlan wa sahlan!!

I am home!!!!at last!!!i'm freaking happy to be home!!i miss my mak..i even miss my brat bro!oh yeah.sgt merindui rumah.

i think i have changed to a real sensitive person.i became really emotional when something offended me.argh.i hate this!!

i miss KMM.i think KMM is wayy better than this.much much better.i miss kmm so much.

i've made friends.close but not really close friends.either way,it's still just the 1st week.i still have like..2 months n 1 more week to adapt to the new environment kot.

I HATE TO BE A WANNABE.i want to be me.the true me who laugh a lot,who has the loudest laughter,who never care what people are going to say about me.but the people here,mcm..haizz...kenape la nak jadi fake sangat???kenape la nak kesah sgt ape orang ckp..JUST BE URSELF LA PEOPLE!!!WAKE UP!WAKE UP!!

i had another fever.and i was pressured till i cried so suddenly.and now,i still have this kinda flu thingy where mucus are now tersumbat in my nose.hadoih.2 fevers in a month.HEBAT GILE!haha.

till at 1 point,i thought about quiting.but insyaAllah i will survive this.5 tahun je hannah!!5 tahun je..pejam celik dah kerja.

so yeah.not a good review about the 1st week.lets see how will i survive the 2nd week.PRAY FOR ME,PEOPLE!!!

not in the mood of writing too i guess i will stop here.

wa ilalliqok!

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